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Posted On: 3 May 2015 04:33 pm
Updated On: 11 January 2022 08:30 am

Cars And Karak: Extra Sugar

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Event Details:


Hello folks! We know, we know, its been a long time since we did a huge event like Cars and Karak 1. We're sorry, we had some difficulties but we plan to come back with a BANG! Thats right, allow me to introduce you to our new flagship event "Extra Sugar", get it? extra sugar? Karak, Karak with sugar? no, just me then.

Anyway, boy have we got some amazing stuff planned for you all. Here at Cars and Karak's top secret HQ layer, 3 miles underground doha, we have been putting our heads together, gathering ideas, having many many meetings and many many karak breaks too. But we have finally come up with a plan, we think we've come up with the most fantastic car gather doha will have ever seen!

Interested yet? want to know more? sure?

Well, I'll give you a snippet, there will be:

  • Gathering of all the major car clubs in Doha
  • Expected 300+ cars
  • National street drag championship at the drag strip
  • Redbull mocktail bar (free drinks all around courtesy of Redbull)
  • Playstation racing gaming chairs
  • A speed awareness campaign
  • A charity campaign
  • Live DJ
  • Automotive stores from all over Doha (Vehicle wraps, mechanics, accessories etc.)
  • Rev sound battle
  • Tea time (what? you thought we'd forget the karak!)

We have many more things in the pipeline and we will update the list as we go on.

This is an event not to be missed!

We invite club cars and cars that want to park in the gathering at 5pm and general public at 6pm

The road down to QRC is down the new high way that cuts through industrial area, so don't worry, nice clean paved roads the whole way.

Public parking will be on the left of the gathering, you will be directed when you arrive.

Visit our website for more information:

or follow our instagram account:

Or even our facebook