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Posted On: 25 October 2012 05:33 pm
Updated On: 11 January 2022 08:27 am

Russian Ballet @QNCC

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Event Details:

The Russian Seasons Stars of the XXI Century ballet performance pirouettes into Doha this month with a stellar performance at the Qatar National Convention Center.

Ballet-lovers can mark October 26 on their calendars as the stars of Russian ballet come to Qatar. Following its huge success in Paris at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées and in London at the London Coliseum Theatre, the ‘Russian Seasons Stars of the XXI Century’ is set for an exhilarating performance. The event is presented by the Maris Liepa Charitable Foundation and Gazprom under the support of the Russian Embassy and organized by Olympic City and M Premiere.

“This is the first trip for us and it’s such a privilege to finally be performing to such a diverse community,” says Andris Liepa, director, ballet star and the ‘People’s Artist of Russia’. “We have a great repertoire in our performance and we hope to be able to show a glimpse of the dancers’ technicality in this event. We hope audiences will enjoy what we’ve put together because we would certainly like to come back to Qatar.”

The show’s theme will focus on the best of ballet legend Sergey Diaghilev’s ‘Russian Seasons’ series. Founder of the Ballet Russes, Diaghilev lived from 1872-1929 and made a name for himself pushing the boundaries of the dance and revolutionizing it through innovative music, design and choreography. During his years as curator and director of the Ballet Russes, he collaborated with avant-garde composers and artists, putting names such as Ravel, Debussy and Stravinsky together with designers like Bakst and Goncharova and emerging artists of the time period including Picasso and Matisse. A consummate producer, Diaghilev made a major contribution to the introduction of Modernism in ballet and though his initiatives were succeeded by new trends and styles, no one single person has changed the course of art so radically since his time.

The Performers
Here’s a sneak peek of some of the stars from the Mariynsky Theatre and the Kremlin Ballet Theatre who’ll be taking the stage:
Ilze Liepa
Mariana Ryzhkina
Andrey Batalov
Natalia Krapivina
Georgi Smilevski
Danila Korsuntsev
Natalia Balakhnicheva
Mikhail Martynyuk
Alexandra Timofeeva
The Program
In homage to the works of Diaghilev selected performances for the evening’s events include:
‘Corsar’ pas de deux
‘In Spite Of Everything’
‘Giselle’ pas de deux
‘Nutcracker’ pas de deux
‘Don Quixote’
‘Fanthom Ball’
‘Sheherezade’ pas de deux
‘Swan Lake’

Ticket Information
Where: Qatar National Convention Center Theatre
When: October 26, 2012
Ticket Prices: VIP: QR 950
Platinum: QR 650
Gold: QR 450
Silver: QR 250