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Posted On: 11 February 2022 07:00 am
Updated On: 13 February 2022 01:26 pm

Foundation in Art Therapy 2022 by VCUarts Qatar

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Event Details:

Location: This is an online event.
Date: 8 May 2022 - 20 May 2022
Time: 09:00 pm - 12:00 am
Ticket Purchase: Online
  • Foundation in Art Therapy - 8600QR
  • Interior Design - 850QR
  • Abstract Painting - 850QR
  • Spring Break Program Sound - 1,200QR
  • Adobe Illustrator - 800QR
  • Introduction to Islamic Art - 2,500QR
  • Creative Therapeutic Practice - 40,000QR
  • Summer Art & Design Program - 3,000-3,500QR
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The certificate is approved by the British Association of Art Therapy (BAAT).This course will appeal to anyone who is considering Art Therapy as a career. The course will offer participants an opportunity to learn about the essence of Art Therapy and its implementation with different client groups and populations. The "Foundation in the Art Therapy" course is one of its kind in the region which has been culturally adapted to suit communities within the region.

The tutors have experienced Art Psychotherapists who will be presenting clinical work from their own Art Therapy practices regionally and internationally. The course is theory-based but includes an experiential component that will enhance the participants' learning experiences.

Class Outline

  • The course will be a combination of theory and practice and will incorporate an experiential component with group discussions.
  • Who will deliver the courses: The course will be delivered by Sara Powell along with a co-lecturer (registered Art Psychotherapist).
  • Who is the course suitable for: The course is suitable for anyone who is interested in art therapy as a career and/or for professionals who are engaged with educational, medical, rehabilitative, and/or mental health services for children, adults, and families, or for individuals who have an overall interest in the arts.
  • Do you need to be good at art to do the courses: No, you don’t have to be good at art. In fact, facilitating art with all abilities and moving away from the idea of having to be “good at art “will be one of the major teaching themes of the course.
  • Do you need any special qualifications: No. If you are already working within the education, medical, rehabilitative, or mental health services then you have the appropriate experience to bring to the course. In addition, if you come from a creative profession, this course may be a stepping stone into pursuing formal art therapy training.
  • Does this mean you can be an art therapist: No. Art therapy is a state-regulated profession in countries such as the UK, and to be an art therapist, you will need to be trained to at least MA level and be on the statutory register of the Health and Care Professions Council, so this course is not a qualification to practice as an art therapist.
  • Will you learn techniques to support the populations you work with: Yes, if you are already a qualified teacher, counselor, etc. You will learn how to facilitate sensitive communication through art and learn how to work safely and within your professional scope of expertise. You will also be introduced to different art materials and try out some exercises for yourself as part of the course is self-reflective through the use of art.

Choose the class you would like to join:

(CL) Spring 2022 (Jan-March 2022)

  • Adobe Illustrator: Creative Illustrations (Online) (QR 800)
  • Interior Design (Advance) (QR 850)
  • Abstract Painting (QR 850)
  • (CL2) Spring Break Program Sound and Illustrated Characters, in Motion! - Online (QR 1,200)

Continuing Education:

  • Foundation in Art Therapy - Online (QR 8,600)
  • Introduction to Islamic Art - Journey Through Geometric Patterns of the Islamic Lands - Online (QR 2,500)
  • Level 6: Creative Therapeutic Practice For Children & Young People - 12 month - Online (QR 40,000)

Summer Art and Design Highschool Program 2022:

  • With Portfolio (QR 3,500)
  • Without Portfolio (QR 3,000)

For more information about the program, visit VCUarts website.

Source and image credit: VCUarts Qatar