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Posted On: 5 February 2015 05:48 am
Updated On: 11 January 2022 08:30 am

"Designing Qatar’s Urban Ecology" - Dr. Alex Amato

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Talk by Dr. Alex Amato, Head of Sustainability at Qatar Green Building Council


Qatar is rapidly urbanising and in this process little attention has been paid to date to consider what Qatar’s Urban Ecology could or should be. Although connected to Qatar’s rural existing ecology this new urban environment is separate and distinct from current traditional habitats. But what should this urban ecology be? Should it be a suburban vision of parks, grass and regimented flower beds or a pale reflection of rural ecology, sanitised by design. The former might please a conservative parks authority, the latter the smug eco-warriors amongst us. It is the speaker’s contention that the future character of Qatar’s urban ecology is as yet undefined. Moreover it is not inhibited by the same environmental constraints as the rural ecology and in particular there is abundant water. So what could it be? If this question is left unaddressed then its design will be by default. An amalgam of spaces designed by traffic engineers, landscape architects and parks authorities, that may or, more likely, may not be shaped by a strong and scientific vision that is both popular and has an ecological integrity appropriate for Qatar.

Note: Refreshments from 6.30pm. Q and A afterwards