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Posted On: 28 March 2023 02:30 pm
Updated On: 28 March 2023 01:50 pm

TONO by Akira Back is an innovative Nikkei cuisine dining experience you shouldn’t miss

Cassandra Pallagud
Cassandra Pallagud
Content Writer
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Tono by akira back nikkei cuisine the pearl doha

TONO by Akira Back brings a vibrant and exciting twist to Doha’s culinary and nightlife scene. Serving a menu of innovative Nikkei cuisine in an elegant and festive venue with a backdrop of stunning views of the marina, this newest dining hub in the heart of The Pearl Island is a must-try.

The (ILQ) team had the pleasure of dining at TONO where we got to experience the exquisite menu and ambience. Here's why you should check it out too!

TONO by Chef Akira Back

TONO by Akira Back entrance
Step into chic culinary elegance at TONO by Akira Back.

TONO is a brand by world-renowned Chef Akira Back, known for his cutting-edge creations and contemporary culinary style that honours traditional techniques. TONO is the latest concept from the famed chef and the first of its brand worldwide, offering innovative Nikkei cuisine.

As you enter TONO through a private elevator and enter its reception area, you will feel like you’re stepping into sophistication and chic elegance.

Impeccable ambience, avant-garde design, and stunning views

TONO by Akira Back interior
Find a spot in the foyer with a view of the open kitchen and a stunning centerpiece installation.

The restaurant’s interior is contemporary, with hints of Latin festive flair from the colour scheme of the furniture to the engraved patterns on the gold-plated utensils.

During our visit to the restaurant, we learned that the murals and art on the walls are paintings by Chef Akira Back's mom, Young Hee Back. Chef Akira Back's restaurants are decorated with her works adding touches of colour and elevating the overall feel of the space.

Private rooms for intimate dining

TONO by Akira Back private room
Perfect for intimate gatherings and celebrations.

Celebrating an occasion? Having an intimate get-together?

TONO by Akira Back also has a private room away from the crowd that offers a great venue. The room also has a private terrace where guests can step out and enjoy the city lights and fresh air.

Outdoor dining with a view at the terrace

TONO by Akira Back terrace view
Dine with stunning views of The Pearl Marina

Don't miss the chance to dine al fresco style at TONO by Akira Back's terrace, offering a magnificent view of The Pearl Marina and the docked yachts.

All the table tables at the terrace are highly sought after, so make sure you book in advance!

The lounge

TONO by Akira Back lounge
Head upstairs for a more laid-back atmosphere.

Guests can head to the second level and enjoy drinks at the lounge, where there's a DJ after 10 pm. This spot is a great social space with excellent vibes throughout the night.

Live Latin Festive music will feed your soul

TONO by Akira Back live Latin band
These beautiful, talented ladies keep the atmosphere upbeat!

Diners will be treated to musical performances from a live Latin band from 7 pm - 10 pm every night, except Sundays. These masqued ladies know how to get diners to tap to the rhythm and dance!

Innovative Nikkei cuisine

TONO by Akira Back menu
Delicious Nikkei cuisine that is beautifully plated!

For the main show; TONO’s menu, an Innovative Nikkei dining experience, where punchy Peruvian flavors and Japanese style are combined to perfection.

Nikkei cuisine has gained popularity in Doha for its delicious fusion of distinct Peruvian flavours and Japanese techniques. More Nikkei cuisine restaurants have popped up in the city, but TONO by Akira Back provides a unique and innovative menu that stands out.

Their mains start at QR 85.

Classic Ceviche

TONO by Akira Back classic ceviche
Start your meal with the classic ceviche!

The Classic Ceviche is a great start to your meal, providing light, refreshing, and citrusy flavours to appetize your palette. Made with fresh cured fish and even two kinds of Peruvian corn: crispy, toasted 'cancha', and the juicy 'choclo' corn.

Adding to the wow factor of the presentation is the plating! Nestled in a bed of flowers and oozing with vapour, you'll definitely want to dig in!

Toro Tare Tare

TONO by Akira Back - Toro Tare Tare
Each bite is heavenly!

Have a bite of the Toro Tare Tare, made with fresh fatty tuna and sea urchin mousse that is cupped in a crispy wonton shell. A burst of flavour with each bite!

Smoked Watermelon

TONO by Akira Back Smoked Watermelon
A mind-blowing culinary masterpiece!

The menu features a number of vegetarian delights, and one of the gems we were fortunate to try is the Smoked Watermelon that tastes just like tuna! It's topped with feta cheese and candied walnut for a delicious mix of texture and flavours.

The watermelon in this dish takes days to prepare and cure and is certainly worth it for the distinct flavour it brings.

Arroz Con Mariscos

TONO by Akira Back Arroz Con Mariscos
This dish will keep you coming back for more!

The Arroz Con Mariscos is one of the main stars of the menu. Made with tiger prawns, squid, and mussels over a bed of saffron rice and garlic cream, this dish is a symphony of flavours and spices that will keep you returning for more.


TONO by Akira Back lobster
Indulged in the perfectly cooked and seasoned lobster.

Another item on the menu that shouldn't be missed is the chargrilled lobster seasoned with Peruvian spices, topped with a squeeze of lime. Each bite is a culinary indulgence, with its tender meat rich in flavour.


TONO by Akira Back
You can never have just one piece. Yum!

The selection of sushi is an absolute delight. The sushi menu features fresh slices of tuna, amberjack, yellowtail, salmon, seabass, sea bream, shrimp, eel, and scallop, topped with caviar and garnishes.

The seafood slices are fresh, rich, and melt in your mouth. They're served with fresh wasabi, too!

Matcha Basque Cheesecake

Matcha Basque Cheesecake
Image credit: TONO by Akira Back

The selection of desserts at TONO provides a sweet ending to the culinary experience, specially curated by the talented pastry chef, Chef Cristophe. The Matcha Basque Cheesecake is a slice of heaven that's light, creamy, sweet, and with deliciously distinct notes of matcha flavor.

This dessert is specially crafted by pastry genius Chef Cristophe, who has over 2 decades of experience in the kitchen and has worked with Michelin-starred chefs and restaurants.

Meet Executive Chef Bobby

Chef Bobby
Chef Bobby leads the kitchen at TONO by Akira Back.

Executive Chef Bobby is the culinary talent that leads the kitchen and brings TONO by Akira Back's menu to life, bringing over 15 years of experience.

Chef Bobby met Chef Akira Back in 2012 in Dubai, and in 2016 he gave him the opportunity to join the pre-opening team of Akira Back Restaurant in Singapore, where he worked for 5 years.

Chef Bobby recalls that Chef Akira Back reached out to him with the concept of creating the first of its brand, TONO by Akira Back, in Qatar featuring Nikkei cuisine, and Chef Bobby was up for the new challenge.

He shares that Nikkei cuisine's history is from Japanese people who migrated to Peru and used Peruvian ingredients to recreate Japanese dishes creating a fusion of flavours that many will come to enjoy today.

He also shares with us that 'TONO' is a Peruvian slang for 'party' or 'festive,' which he makes sure comes out in the food and the ambience.

Chef Bobby and kitchen staff at TONO
Chef Bobby and his team.

When asked to describe the menu, Chef Bobby shares that it was curated to cater to every palette and to bring something extraordinary to each dish. He and his team created a menu of Japanese cuisine infused with the vibrant, colourful, and spicy flavours of Peru.

Speaking on the menu's ingredients, Chef Bobby explains that the fresh fish comes from Japan and that they also ship Bluefin Tuna from Spain. The spices and chilis they use are sourced from Peru, keeping the flavours authentic.

For the delectable desserts on its menu, their talented pastry chef, Chef Christophe, shares that he made sure to add an Asian and South American touch when developing the desserts to match the restaurant's innovative Nikkei cuisine.


  • Location: 6 La Croisette, Porto Arabia, The Pearl Island
  • Timings: Daily from 6 pm - 2 am
    • Live Latin band: 7 pm - 10 pm (except Sundays)
    • Live DJ: 10 pm - 2 am
  • Contact: + 974 4409 5353, +974 3001 0145
  • Instagram: @tono_qatar
  • To reserve a table: Click here!

Have you tried Nikkei cuisine before? Which of the dishes are you most excited to try? Let us know in the comments! Do share this article - it keeps us going!