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Posted On: 23 October 2022 03:00 pm
Updated On: 23 October 2022 02:35 pm

Satisfy your cravings with the new menu at Chocolate Jar, The Pearl Island

Tracy Quirino
Tracy Quirino
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The Pearl is one of the places to be in Qatar. The amazing views and delicious food you can find along its streets make for a perfect combination! And offering just exactly that is the Chocolate Jar!

Chocolate Jar - new menu - Food Review
Chocolate Jar offers picturesque views of The Pearl, perfect to enjoy with family and friends! (Image credit: Chocolate Jar)

Chocolate Jar is a charming coffee shop at The Pearl where you can have a relaxing yet exciting time with your friends and family. The picturesque coffee shop gives its customers great views of Marina Bay and a ton of Instagram-worthy decorations within its walls.

Chocolate Jar - new menu - Food Review
Chocolate Jar also brings customers exciting live entertainment at times! (Image credit: Chocolate Jar)

Chocolate Jar has recently launched a new menu which features innovative dishes by Chef Raed Alkhalili. Drawing inspiration from Arabic and Western cuisine, Chef Raed creates the new dishes on their menu with utmost care producing an incredible selection of high-quality meals for you to enjoy!

Craving to find out more? Read on to get a glimpse of the scrumptious dishes in Chocolate Jar's new menu!

Enjoy breakfast at any time of the day

Chocolate Jar - new menu - Food Review
Chocolate Jar has a great selection of breakfast dishes you can order at any time of the day!

Chocolate Jar is known to have an amazing breakfast menu which can be enjoyed at any time of the day. And to elevate the breakfast experience, their new menu highlights the iconic Chocolate Jar Breakfast, Shakshuka, Pulled Beef Benedict, and Healthy Avocado Eggs!

Chocolate Jar - new menu - Food Review
Chocolate Jar's Breakfast Special is a great start to your day!

The Chocolate Jar Breakfast consists of two sunny-side-up eggs, sausages, grilled tomato, mushrooms, hash browns, and baked beans cooked the way you like it. The breakfast meal also comes with a bakery basket with a great selection of freshly baked pastries paired with jam and butter.

Chocolate Jar - new menu - Food Review
The Shakshuka is one of the recent additions to the Chocolate Jar menu, offering a great savoury treat!

One of their new dishes on the menu is the Shakshuka, an Arabic-Turkish breakfast made with poached eggs, homemade tomato sauce with capsicum, and homemade lamb sausage topped with fresh herbs. The hearty meal is served with soft paratha bread on the side.

Chocolate Jar - new menu - Food Review
Just one of these Pulled Beef Benedict is enough to fill you!

Some favourites on the new menu also include the Pulled Beef Benedict and the Healthy Avocado Eggs. The Pulled Beef Benedict is one of the must-try dishes on their all-day breakfast menu. Made with toasted English muffins with poached eggs, pulled beef brisket slow-roasted for 5 hours, and Hollandaise sauce, it is worth a try!

Chocolate Jar - new menu - Food Review
The Healthy Avocado Eggs offer a great balance between crispy and silky!

If you're looking for a healthy option, the Healthy Avocado Eggs is great for you. This breakfast is made with freshly mashed avocados with soft poached eggs, crumbled feta cheese, and baby spinach on top of toasted sourdough bread, drizzled with olive oil.

Savour fresh starters and appetizers

Chocolate Jar - new menu - Food Review
These starters are light yet delicious - enough to prepare us for the main course!

Starters are just as important as your mains; these dishes are crucial to set the right dining mood. Luckily, Chef Raed knows exactly how to serve Chocolate Jar's delicious starters and appetizers.

Chocolate Jar - new menu - Food Review
The salads are a refreshing addition to the menu.

The Green Leaves and Endive Salad are fresh and delicious! Served with baby romaine lettuce, asparagus, edamame beans, and fresh herbs, the Green Leaves salad is very refreshing, especially when the lemon zest and tahini dressing are drizzled on it.

The Endive Salad is a unique dish that highlights the contrasting flavours of apple, caramelized onion and pecan nuts, chives and herbs tossed with a Danish blue cheese sauce.

Chocolate Jar - new menu - Food Review
The creamy mushroom soup warms you on the inside with every bite!

Besides the salads, Chef Raed highly recommends the mushroom soup on the menu. The soup is slow-cooked to creamy goodness and is topped with silky truffle oil. Every scoop of this mushroom soup feels like a soft blanket as it coats your mouth in buttery warmth!

Chocolate Jar - new menu - Food Review
Feast on these chicken wings at the Chocolate Jar!

One of the must-tries on their new menu is the fried chicken wings coated in sweet and spicy black peppercorn sauce. The sweet and spicy black peppercorn sauce is not as spicy as you'd believe and only gives that subtle kick that goes well with the sauce's sweetness.

Devour these scrumptious mains

Chocolate Jar - new menu - Food Review
The main course is the star of the show!

Chef Raed has brilliantly presented Chocolate Jar's main course dishes, Homemade Burger, Penne Primavera, a slow-cooked Beef Brisket, and our personal favourite - the Whole Roasted Sea Bass.

Chocolate Jar - new menu - Food Review
Look at the marvellous pour of cheese sauce on Chocolate Jar's special burger!

Chocolate Jar's Homemade Burger (CJ Homemade Burger) is coated in cheddar cheese and has a grilled Angus beef patty that is juicy with every bite.

Chocolate Jar - new menu - Food Review
The penne pasta is mixed with fresh herbs and a basil and arugula pesto sauce!

Of course, you can't pass up on the pasta! Chocolate Jar's new menu offers pasta dishes which include the Penne Primavera. It is a penne pasta coated in basil and arugula pesto with tomato, artichokes, and olives which adds a tangy flare to the dish.

Chocolate Jar - new menu - Food Review
Savoury, sweet, bittersweet, and tangy - find a party of flavours in one dish with Chocolate Jar's slow-cooked Beef Brisket!

The Beef Brisket features a 5-hour slow-roasted beef with garlic, rosemary and butter, drizzled with smoked American BBQ sauce. What gives the Beef Brisket its magic is the orange marmalade.

Chocolate Jar - new menu - Food Review
A must-try when dining at the Chocolate Jar is this boneless seabass!

The main star of the show is the Whole Roasted Sea Bass. The whole fish is deboned, roasted, and served in a pool of clarified butter made with the fish's bones. The capers, French shallot rings, and chives with squeezed lemon enhance the flavour!

All these mains are best complimented with Chocolate Jar's signature mocktails, from the spirited Pearl Wave and fresh Basil Passion to the interesting Frozen Fruits and complex Black Sour.

Don't forget about the chocolate!

Chocolate Jar - new menu - Food Review
There's always room for desserts, especially those at Chocolate Jar!

The main dishes from Chocolate Jar may have left you full, but there's always room for desserts! Chocolate Jar prides itself on the sweetness of its cakes and desserts: the creamy cakes that melt in your mouth are something you shouldn't miss!

Chocolate Jar - new menu - Food Review
Melts in your mouth goodness, the lava cake is a perfect mix of warm and cold! (Image credit: Chocolate Jar)

A special mention is the lava cake that mushes together the soft gooey goodness from the chocolate cake and the chilling vanilla ice cream. You won't regret taking that bite of the lava cake as this is an incredible finale to the massive feast.

Chocolate Jar - new menu - Food Review
Grab these chocolate bars at Chocolate Jar now!

Love chocolates? Chocolate Jar lives up to its name! The coffee shop has recently added a delectable selection of the French chocolate Valrhona, which comes in various flavours and different amounts of cacao!


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