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Posted On: 10 March 2022 08:00 pm
Updated On: 10 March 2022 08:12 pm

5 reasons why you should be visiting Isla Mexican Kitchen next!

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5-reasons-why-Isla-Mexican-Kitchen-should-be-your-go-to-Tex Mex-restaurant-in-Qatar

The Isla Mexican Kitchen has a simple formula. To serve authentic Mexican cuisine in a lively and vibrant atmosphere so people can come in and experience the flavours that make this restaurant unique and also explore the culture of Mexico through its colourful art and vibrant music.

The (ILQ) team had the opportunity to visit Isla Mexican Kitchen to try their Business Lunch. This lunch meal is bursting with flavours and colours, sprinkled with Mexican authenticity and drizzled with Mama and Abuela's homemade recipes. While there, we got to try some of their other menu items and we're here to tell you all!

1. The Isla Business Lunch is value for money

5 reasons why Isla Mexican Kitchen should be your go-to TexMex restaurant in Qatar!
The Isla Business Lunch has much to offer in terms of authentic Mexican flavours!

The Isla Business Lunch is available from Sunday to Thursday (12 pm - 4 pm). It's priced at QR 68 and is made up of 4-courses of lip-smacking Mexican favourites and some of Isla's most popular dishes. The Isla Business Lunch is an absolute must-try on the weekdays, especially if you are a TexMex fan and want to taste a little bit of everything. You can either eat inside the colourful, lively and vibrant restaurant or outside with The Pearl-Island marina and its luxurious yachts as a backdrop.

Famous Mexican street food street like Quesadillas, Empanadas and Elotes De La Plaza are weaved into the Business Lunch, along with the main course: Mole Con Pollo (Chef Jesus Grandmother's Mole recipe with 30 different ingredients served with chicken and Mexican rice), Beef Cazuela (a traditional North Mexican dish with Frijoles Charro topped with medium grilled beef and drenched in chilli sauce) and Papas Bravas (fried potatoes in a smoky sauce with Anco and Guajillo, drizzled with sour cream and served with a flour tortilla).

The soups and salads include the deliciously colourful and flavourful Jicama Salad, the Ensalada Verde and the Sopa De Lentegas. Choose one dish from each category and have the Isla Business Lunch served with Mexican style Churros for dessert which are extra crunchy and tasty.

2. Everything on the menu is as authentically Mexican as it can get

5 reasons why Isla Mexican Kitchen Qatar should be your go to texmex restaurant in qatar
Delicious bowl of Ensalada Verde!

All the dishes on the menu are made from scratch with ingredients that are both locally sourced and imported from Mexico. The flavours are authentic and the dishes have been created using traditional recipes passed down by Chef Jesus Ruiz's grandmother, mother and aunts. That's how authentic the food at Isla Mexican Kitchen is!

3. Chef Jesus knows how to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary

5 reasons why Isla Mexican Kitchen should be your go-to TexMex restaurant in Qatar!
Doesn't this Churro Bowl look stunning?!

Chef Jesus has over 20 years of culinary experience in different parts of the world and now that he's in Doha, he has revamped the Isla Mexican Kitchen menu, added what he's learned from his own gastronomical journey, given a new look to the restaurant, made it vibrant and colourful so it reflects the very essence of Mexican culture and its traditions, and turned the whole experience into an extraordinary one.

Though each Mexican dish on the menu is authentic, Chef Jesus has added his unique touch to it by using innovative cooking techniques and skilful presentation.

4. Tacos take centre stage every Monday

5 reasons why Isla Mexican Kitchen should be your go-to TexMex restaurant in Qatar!
Who doesn't like tacos?

The exclusive 'Lunes Taquero' has been specially created by Chef Jesus for taco lovers in Qatar. This taco-licious deal is available every Monday at QR 168 and is made up of 8 different varieties of tacos with each one being a mouthwatering masterpiece.

You can select 12 of your favourite tacos or try some new ones by picking and selecting what you want from the Lunes Taquero menu every Monday when you need something flavourful, colourful and zesty to get you through the rest of the week.

5. The ambience showcases Mexican traditions at their best

5 reasons why Isla Mexican Kitchen should be your go-to TexMex restaurant in Qatar!
Isla is vibrant, colourful and depicts the culture of Mexico!

Isla is a colourful place that's full of the vibrancy and energy that Mexico is so famous for. This theme, running throughout the restaurant simply adds to the vibe and takes you straight to Mexico.

5 reasons why Isla Mexican Kitchen should be your go-to TexMex restaurant in Qatar!
How gorgeous is this wall mural?!

It's the kind of place you will want to return to again and again because of the authentic Mexican cuisine, but also because of the vibe and the attentive staff who know just how to look after you!

Head over to Isla and savour the taste of delectable dishes today! And, if you're there on Thursdays and Fridays, you can enjoy the live music that's nothing less than entertaining!

Do you know you can order from Isla through Talabat, Rafeeq, Carriage and Snoonu, too, on days you want to stay home with some great Mexican food.


  • Isla timings: 12 pm - 12 am (midnight)
  • Location: 2 La Croisette, Porto Arabia, The Pearl Island-Qatar
  • For reservations: +974 4409 5285 / +974 5032 2427
  • Instagram: @isla_qatar

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