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Posted On: 13 November 2022 02:03 pm
Updated On: 13 November 2022 02:04 pm

What you should try at B-lounge's new Pan-Asian menu

Tracy Quirino
Tracy Quirino
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B lounge doha new menu

A unique dining experience matched with unparalleled views of the marina, B-lounge at The Ritz-Carlton Doha is a must-visit social epicentre for all foodies.

Offering innovative dishes, B-lounge has recently launched a new menu where you get a taste of Pan-Asian cuisine that will exceed your expectations.

The (ILQ) team has had the opportunity to sample some of their new and special dishes carefully prepared by Chef Lambert Chiang!

Chic & sophisticated ambience

B-lounge dining experience
Refreshing views of the Marina welcome you at B-lounge!

When dining in B-lounge, with good food and great views, you are given the chance to indulge in a pristine lifestyle experience. The fabulous lounge is a day-to-night location where you can witness the sun glimmer by the marina and the moonlight shine on the sea. The large outdoor lounge offers a picture-perfect background in comfortable seating!

B-lounge dining experience
The interiors of B-lounge are just as marvellous as its views!

The inside of the B-lounge is just as exceptional as its views. A serene, urbane interior occupies the top and bottom of the lounge. The ambience is perfect for a relaxing dining time during the day and an upbeat treat at night.

B-lounge dining experience
The kitchen chefs, led by Chef Lambert Chiang, give you a glimpse of the delicious dishes they make!

With an open kitchen, an open sushi station, and a mixology station, stepping into B-lounge is a treat! Witness how Chef Lambert Chiang creates his gastronomical creations!

Fresh & spectacular appetizers

B-lounge dining experience
Begin with these amazing starters and appetizers!

Take your seat and get ready to be bewildered by B-lounges' dishes starting from their fresh appetizers! Chef Lambert served the ILQ team several delectable starters. From carefully plated ceviche and sushi platters to dim sum baskets and grilled octopus, these starters are enough to fill you up but leave you wanting more.

Refreshing ceviche & salads

B-lounge dining experience
Feast on three fresh ceviches!

The Ceviche Trio, taking inspiration from the famous South American dish, is a holy trinity you can't miss. A new addition to B-lounge's menu, the Ceviche Trio contains fresh seabass, prawns, and tuna marinated in three different ways.

The seabass is marinated in a traditional citrus-based spicy Leche de Tigre topped with onions and coriander, giving this dip a classic Peruvian twist. On the other hand, the prawns are marinated with B-lounge's mango sauce!

Completing the trio is a tuna tartare mixed with sriracha sauce, avocado, and tobiko. To go along with this small feast, the ceviche is eaten together with either rice crackers, taro chips, crispy nori, or all three!

B-lounge dining experience
The charred beef is crunchy yet tender, with refreshing flavours that remind you of Thai cuisine!

Drawing inspiration from Thai cuisine, Chef Lambert, has created the Charred Beef Salad to take your usual salads to the next level. The salad takes charred beef into center stage as it lies on a bed of arugula with coriander, onions, spearmint, and mango topped with Bubu Arare or rice crackers from Japan. This charred beef in the salad, partnered with the greens and sauces, gives a savoury crunch with a kick of sweetness from the mango.

Mouth-watering sushi

B-lounge dining experience
Don't miss out on the selection of sushi at B-lounge!

Highlighting Pan-Asian cuisine, the sushi platters shouldn't go unnoticed. In fact, with its open kitchen station, sushi is one of the stars of the show when dining at B-lounge.

B-lounge dining experience
Let the Tsuga sway you like the ocean waves with these rolls and more!

The Tsuga platter serves you a bit of everything featuring a selection of some of B-lounge's most famous sushi, sashimi, and nigiri. This platter includes some of their famous rolls, including the wagyu roll with Yakiniku sauce topped with gold leaf!

Among the sushi rolls are the California roll, Spicy Crispy Tuna roll, Acebichado roll, and Tempura prawn roll. The platter also includes two types of nigiri: hamachi and prawn, and a Gunkan sushi filled with spicy tuna tartare. To complete the platter, you'll also find salmon and tuna sashimi that melts like butter with every bite you take!

Hot-plated appetizers

B-lounge dining experience
Go on an incredible Pan-Asian cuisine journey with just these dishes!

Oribu Grilled Octopus, Wagyu Beef Tsukune, and a dim sum basket are just some hot-plated appetizers on B-lounge's menu. But these dishes are enough to take you on an incredible dining journey.

B-lounge dining experience
A dish like no other, the Oribu Grilled Octopus is one of B-lounge's Robata Charcoal Grilled dishes!

The Oribu Grilled Octopus is slow-cooked for 3 hours with Chef Lambert's special herbs and sauces and tossed over charcoal in B-lounge's Robata Grill. The smokey octopus is easy to chew and bursts with flavour in every bite! Paired with quinoa salad tossed with edamame and yuzu sauce, enjoy the grilled octopus with the creamy olive mayo sauce on the side and Shisho Chimichurri on top!

B-lounge dining experience
The Wagyu Beef Tsukune is Chef Lambert's take on the famous Japanese skewers!

Also part of the Robata Charcoal Grill menu, the Wagyu Beef Tsukune feels and tastes buttery and tender. The Tsukune is traditionally made with chicken; however, B-lounge's Chef Lambert makes the dish his own by using wagyu beef for the perfect juicy skewer.

B-lounge dining experience
These dumpling dipped in the chilli garlic sauce is a heavenly fiery experience!

B-lounge will serve you some of your favourites dim sums in one basket. The Dim Sum Selevtion is filled with 2 pieces of everything: har gau (hakaw) dim sum with gold leaf on top, crunchy vegetable dumplings, and a chicken shumai topped with black truffle. A roulette of fantastic flavours, the dim sum basket is served with a chilli garlic sauce on the side.

A unique take on Asian flavours

B-lounge dining experience
Creamy, buttery, juicy, and silky these mains leave us running out of words!

The first main that Chef Lambert served was the Miso Black Cod Pot. The black cod is marinated for over 12 hours using miso. The time it sits in marinade allows the black cod to absorb the flavours of the miso, resulting in a baked fish topped with Philadelphia cheese for a caramelized finish.

B-lounge dining experience
This dish takes you on an oceanic journey filled with umami!

The black cod is then placed on a bed of edamame mushroom rice. The rice is cooked in mirin with non-alcoholic sake and butter, giving a savoury combination with the black cod.

B-lounge dining experience
Every tender bite of this dish will leave you wanting more!

The Wok Tossed Cumin Beef Tenderloin is Chef Lambert's take on the dish commonly found in the Xinchang region. The wok-tossed cumin beef tenderloin sauce is a sweet and savoury sauce.

Must have dessert

B-lounge dining experience
An Asian twist to the tiramisu, the Matcha Tiramisu gives a creamy sweet goodness!

B-lounge has a number of incredible desserts, but one that deserves the spotlight is the Matcha Tiramisu. The dessert takes an Asian twist to the well-loved coffee dessert by using high-quality matcha sourced from Japan.

Giving just the right amount of sweetness, this Matcha Tiramisu is a luxurious way to cap off your meal!

Thirst-quenching beverages

B-lounge dining experience
Don't forget to wash down your food with these delectable beverages!

To complement the bites you take, get ready to sip some of B-lounge's beverages! Their beverage menu offers a mouth-watering selection ranging from mocktails to speciality drinks!


  • Location: Marina of The Ritz-Carlton, West Bay Lagoon
  • Phone: +974 5080 4421
  • Timings: Lunch & Dinner: 12 pm - 12 am | Friday Froz - Brunch: 1 pm - 4 pm
  • Age restrictions: Lunch & Brunch: Children above 5 years are allowed | Dinner: Guests above 12 years old are allowed
  • Menu: View menu here!
  • Instagram: @bloungedoha
  • Website:

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