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Posted On: 2 November 2020 05:29 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 10:30 am

What to expect at the Tasty Street at Katara Cultural Village

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Now that we're heading into winter, get ready for more outdoor activities and for outdoor dining's comeback. One foodie destination running throughout winter is the new Tasty Street at Katara Cultural Village!

What is Tasty Street?

Located beside Al Gannas Society headquarters along Shakespeare Street (in front of Qatar Music Academy and Al Jazeera Media Cafe), Tasty Street takes up two short streets lined with food stalls where people can order drive-thru style or "walk-thru" which is a good option for people who are still not that comfortable with dining out.

Inaugurated on October 14, Tasty Street, spread over 6,300 sqm, is an initiative with the aim to support Qatari entrepreneurs and the local tourism and entertainment sectors, as reported in Gulf Times.

If you're coming after dark, you won't miss Tasty Street for there's a big lighted up sign welcoming you along Shakespeare street after Al Gannas. Lining up the street leading to the stalls are these glowing LED lights that look like wheat stalks which the kids will surely be fond of.

Currently, Tasty Street has 37 food stalls made up of restaurants and cafes according to their Instagram page (we messaged them). The stalls open from 3 pm to 12 am and it can get quite busy during the weekends. During the weekdays though, most of the stalls don't open early so it's best to drive by around 4 pm onwards if you want more options.

Who can go and needs to go to Tasty Street?

Tasty Street is open to everyone whether you have your own car or not. If you like trying out new things especially food or just like to go somewhere new, then Tasty Street is for you.

Motorists drive until they find a food stall they like, park to have their orders taken, and then drive again after they received their orders. People can easily walk up to the food stall they want and then get their orders to-go.

What are the restaurants and coffee shops you'll find at Tasty Street?

Coffee shops/cafes and sweets

  • Sip Coffee
  • Sugar Bites
  • Choco Bisc Cafe
  • Risk Coffee House
  • Clé cafe
  • Waves Specialty Coffee
  • On Spot Cafe
  • Cuppers Coffee & Co.
  • 91° Coffee
  • Pause Cafe
  • Le Kiosque
  • JOLT Coffee
  • Persian Ice Cream
  • Al Hallab offers Qatari
  • DSRT Lab
  • Local Cookies
  • Paws
  • Dinara Kasko Pastry Art Doha
  • Donutty
  • Karak Cup
  • 974 Specialty Coffee
  • Hattrick Coffee


  • Traffic Burger
  • CHKN
  • Delish
  • QQQ Burger
  • Scary Burger
  • Paprika
  • LAVA Burger
  • Micro Burger


  • TabiBoba-Onezo Bubble Tea
  • Seventy West Restaurant & Cafe
  • Chef Alfreej
  • Om Alzain Kitchen
  • Lemons
  • OCEAN Mussels & More

Tasty Street event details

Where to go next?

There are plenty of things to do after you satisfy your cravings at Tasty Street. You can go for a walk at Katara Hills, go on an art hunt, or enjoy the fascinating architecture inside Katara Cultural Village!

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Have you been to Tasty Street? How was your experience? Which food stalls have you tried? Let us know in the comments!