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Posted On: 10 November 2020 07:30 pm
Updated On: 28 December 2022 12:16 pm

Unique international cuisines you need to try in Qatar

ILQ Staff
ILQ Staff
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Qatar is a melting pot of cultures and different nationalities, so the dining scene is also diverse. Although popular cuisines (Arabic, Indian, Middle Eastern, Italian, Japanese, Filipino, Thai, etc.) are a dime aplenty and easily found, there are also lesser-known cuisines you can find and are worth trying.

So, if you’re interested in trying more cuisines and expanding your gastronomic knowledge, be sure to go on a foodie journey with these restaurants in Qatar!

African - Mama's Place

Mama's Place
Image credit: Mama's Place

Mama's Place serves the flavours of Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, and other South African cuisines. The traditional spices and preparation used to create a truly authentic culinary experience. Satisfy your cravings for jollof rice, githeri, bush meat stew, and much more at this homey eatery.

  • Contact: +974 5048 2913
  • Location: Building 52, Wholesale Market Street, Abu Hamour
  • Instagram: @mamasplacedoha

Azerbaijani - Nakhchivan

Unique international cuisines you need to try in Qatar
Image credit: Nakhchivan Qatar

Experience a harmony of culinary techniques and flavourful ingredients at Nakhchivan. Savour Azerbaijan’s traditional dishes like the Shah and Ovruste Pilaf, Saj Ichi, and the all-time favourite Dolma (vine leaves stuffed with minced lamb meat, rice, and herbs, served with yoghurt). For dessert, Azeri Pakhlava is recommended.

  • Contact: +974 3329 8960
  • Location: Souq Waqif - near Traffic and Immigration Department
  • Instagram: @nakhchivan.qatar

Ethiopian - Lion Africans Ethiopian Restaurant

Lion African Ethiopian Restaurant
Image credit: Lion Africans Ethiopian Restaurant

Discover the rich flavours of Ethiopia at Lion Africans Ethiopian Restaurant. The dishes offered are prepared and presented traditionally, where diners are encouraged to eat with their hands for the most authentic experience.

    Georgian - Al Terrace

    Unique international cuisines and restaurants you need to try at least once in Qatar
    Image credit: Al Terrace Georgian Cuisine

    Treat your tastebuds to Georgian cuisine at Al Terrace! You can try their selection of comfort food like Khachapuri — a soft oven-baked bread stuffed with special Georgian cheese and topped with egg, and their broth-filled Khinkali dumpling. Want to try more? Order a platter of Pkhali, Nigvziani, Badrijani, and Lobio Nigvzit served with Georgian cornbread Mchadi.

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    • Contact: +974 7047 3687
    • Location: Al Mirqab Boutique Hotel, Souq Waqif
    • Instagram: @alterracedoha

    Greek - Hellas

    Hella's Qatar
    Image credit: Hellas

    Indulge in traditional Greek flavours and feel like you've travelled to Greece's popular white and blue-themed architecture at Hellas. From gyros, mousakas, kleftikos, giaprakia, and many more delicacies, enjoy a unique culinary experience.

    • Contact: +974 4408 0810, +974 6644 8181
    • Location: South Plaza Gallery, Katara
    • Instagram: @hellasqatar

    Indonesian - Mama Rozie

    Mama Rozie
    Image credit: Mama Rozie

    Mama Rozie is a cosy eatery serving Indonesian delicacies. Savour the flavorful tastes of nasi goreng, beef rendang, tumpeng, and much more! Aside from traditional Indonesian dishes, they also serve cuisines from neighbouring South East Asian countries such as Malaysia and the Philippines.

    • Contact: +974 7045 6262
    • Location: Hilteen St., Mansoura
    • Instagram: @mamarozieqa

    Jamaican - Ray's Jerk Shack

    Ray's Jerk Shack
    Image credit: Ray's Jerk Shack

    Try the authentic Jamaican Jerk at Ray's Jerk Shack. Enjoy meats and stews smoked in a Jerk drum to deliver mouth-watering flavours of traditional Jamaican dishes. Ray's Jerk Shack also offers the famous Jamaican street foot, Jamaican beef patties, perfect for a savoury snack.

    • Contact: +974 55748338
    • Location: Town Centre, Bin Omran
    • Instagram: @raysjerkshack

    Korean - Maru

    Unique international cuisines and restaurants you need to try at least once in Qatar
    Image credit: Maru Korean Restaurant

    For a taste of Korean tradition, head on over to Maru! Nothing like their authentic Korean-style tabletop BBQ with fresh ingredients cooked and grilled right in front of you. Must include brisket rolls (Chadolbagi) or prime short ribs fillet (Galbisal). Don’t forget to try the world-famous Korean dish Bibimbap and ask about their beetroot water kimchi (Dongchimi).

    • Contact: +974 4460 3099
    • Location: 1st Floor, Al Nour Plaza Luxury Suites, West Bay
    • Instagram: @marukoreanbbq_qatar

    Nepalese - Royal Nepali

    Unique international cuisines and restaurants you need to try at least once in Qatar
    Image credit: Royal Nepali Restaurant

    To taste Nepalese cuisine with ingredients locally sourced from Nepal, visit Royal Nepali Restaurant. From Momos (Nepalese dumplings) to Thukpa (noodles), you'll experience the distinct flavour of their traditional dishes. Also, try their Thali and Nepali Chowmein.

    Peruvian - COYA Doha

    COYA Doha
    Image credit: COYA Doha

    COYA Doha brings the Peruvian festive flair to Qatar. The dishes offer a contemporary twist to traditional Peruvian delicacies, artistically with Japanese and Spanish influences. Try the ceviches, iront pot stews, and antichuchos!

    • Contact: +974 4453 5416
    • Location: W Doha Hotel & Residences, Diplomatic Street
    • Instagram: @coyadoha

    Polish - Polka

    Image credit: Polka

    Up for something new? Try Polka's pierogi, traditional Polish dumplings or some zapiekanka, Poland's speciality pizza on a baguette! Polka is a quaint eatery with vibrant interiors that will make you feel like you've travelled to Poland.

    • Contact: +974 6631 3381
    • Location: Madinat Khalifa St.
    • Instagram: @polka.2022

    Scottish - The Frying Scotsman

    Frying Scottsman
    Image credit: The Frying Scotsman

    The Frying Scotsman is a must-try if you're craving fish and chips in Qatar. Choose from hamour or cod for the fan-favourite dish.

    Also, enjoy the savoury pies while you take in the Scottish interiors of the restaurant.

    • Contact: +974 4428 1555
    • Location: Ground floor, East Wing, Radisson Blu Hotel, Doha
    • Instagram: @radissonbluhoteldoha

    Senegalese - Sabali

    Image credit: Sabali

    Sabali gives customers a taste of West Africa by serving authentic Senegalese dishes, the first of its kind in Doha. Offering a menu of traditional delicacies, street food, snacks, sauces, deserts, and even drinks, there is much to try at Sabali.

    • Contact: +974 50638022
    • Location: Tornado Tower, West Bay
    • Instagram: @sabaliqatar

    South American - IKA

    Unique international cuisines and restaurants you need to try at least once in Qatar
    Image credit: IKA South American Restaurant

    IKA is all about exploring a variety of South American dishes to help you experience that ‘intense Latin’ flavour! Don't miss to order their tacos and indulge in their Arepas — a Venezuelan mozzarella corn pancake topped with sour cream and manchego cheese. For your main course, you can try their Duck Cazuela and Peruvian Ceviche.

    • Contact: +974 3359 3043
    • Location: Ground floor, Aleph Doha Residences, West Bay
    • Instagram:

    Sri Lankan - Salamath

    Unique international cuisines and restaurants you need to try at least once in Qatar
    Image credit: Salamath Restaurant

    Taste some of Sri Lanka's delicious food at Salamath Restaurant. Try the tasty fried sprats Haalmesso Baduma that you can pair with Dragon Rice. Most selling also is their variety of Sri Lankan-style biryanis.

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    • Contact: +974 4466 2419 (Matar Qadeem), +974 4427 7993 (Barwa Village), +974 4464 9171 (Salwa Road)
    • Location: Matar Qadeem, Old Airport
    • Instagram: @salamath.qatar

    Sudanese - Fish House

    Fish House
    Image credit: Fish House

    Treat yourself to Sudanese coffee and seafood at Fish House. Each dish offers fresh seafood infused with a unique blend of Sudanese spices prepared in a variety of ways from fried, baked, and stewed.

    • Contact: +974 3100 0875
    • Location: The Pearl-Qatar
    • Instagram:

    Ukrainian - Desert Rose Cafe

    Unique international cuisines you need to try in Qatar
    Image credit: Desert Rose Cafe

    While the restaurant also offers Arabic and international dishes, it's the Ukrainian menu you have to try. Try the "Instagrammable" Chicken Fricassee With Potato & Rose, Golubci, Banosh with Feta Cheese and Mushroom, Derynu, or Chicken Kyiv. Their Homemade Napoleon cake is also a winner.

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    • Contact: +974 5525 9646
    • Location: Al Jomrok Boutique Hotel, Souq Waqif
    • Instagram: @desertroseqr

    Uzbek - Afrasiyab Restaurant

    Enjoy authentic Uzbek meals at Afrasiyab. Try the Kuza Shurba (Clay Pot Soup), Manti (dumplings), or Palov - a signature Uzbek dish made from rice, carrots, lamb, and onions served with a green salad.

    • Contact: +974 5040 7865
    • Location: Ibn Mahmoud Street
    • Instagram: @we_afrasiyab

    Venezuelan - Doha Roastery

    Doha Roastery
    Image credit: Doha Roastery

    Doha Roastery offers Venezuelan freshly baked goods with their brews. Enjoy a variety of arepas, stuffed cornmeal cakes, empanadas, savoury pastry puffs, tequeños, and Venezuelan cheese sticks. They also offer a wide range of Venezuelan sweets and pastries.

    • Contact: +974 3333 7592
    • Location: Q Mall, Salwa Road, Al Sakhama, Rawdat Al Hamama
    • Instagram: @doha.roastery

    Vietnamese - Hoi An Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine

    Unique International cuisine in Qatar
    Image credit: Shutterstock (For representation purposes only)

    Craving a steaming bowl of Pho? Head to Hoi An Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine and try their authentic Vietnamese dishes. From warm Pho soup to freshly fried spring rolls and other Southeast Asian dishes, Hoi An Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine serves a number of famous Vietnamese dishes that you have to try.

    Originally written by Darlene Madrid, updated by Marivie Alabanza and Cassandra Pallagud.

    Have you tried any of these restaurants? Got a hidden gem you want others to try? Let us know in the comments so we can add it!