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Posted On: 31 August 2022 06:00 pm
Updated On: 21 February 2023 04:40 pm

Restaurants & cafes with unique and interesting themes

Cassandra Pallagud
Cassandra Pallagud
Content Writer
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Restaurants cafes unique interesting themes doha

Going out for a catch-up lunch with friends or a family dinner? With the vast number of dining options in Qatar, choosing which one to go for can be overwhelming.

How about making it interesting and trying these restaurants and cafes with unique themes?

Artist Cafe

Artist Cafe
Image credit: Artist Cafe

If you're an art lover, you should check out Artist Cafe. Their picturesque venue at The Pearl Island provides a beautiful venue for creating art. Artist Cafe offers art classes too! Their cafe is covered in paintings and artwork that will get your creative juices flowing.


  • Location: The Pearl Island
  • Contact: +974 6690 6770
  • Instagram: @artistcafe_qatar

Biker Cafe by Moto Clinic

Biker Cafe by Moto Clinic
Image credit: Biker Cafe by Moto Clinic

Enjoy brews served in a sophisticated setting of leather, wood, and motorcycles. Browse through motorcycling accessories and gear, and even play some billiards on the cafe's second floor.


  • Location: Salwa Road
  • Contact: +974 5018 6728
  • Instagram: @_bikercafe_

    Bubba Gump

    Bubba Gump
    Image credit: Bubba Gump Qatar

    Forrest Gump is a classic movie that has become a pop culture icon. Bubba Gump is inspired by the movie's story, from the many seafood dishes to movie prop replicas. There is even a gift shop where you can take your Forrest Gump memorabilia home.


    • Location: Doha Festival City
    • Contact: +974 4412 7481
    • Instagram: @bubbagumpqatar

    Horoscope Café

    Horoscope Cafe
    Image credit: Horoscope Cafe

    Dine among the stars and constellations at Horoscope Café. Learn more about your zodiac sign, enjoy the elegant vibe, and indulge in pasta and sandwiches.


    • Location: Cielo Hotel, Lusail
    • Contact: +974 7720 2214
    • Instagram:

    Ink Café

    Ink Cafe
    Image credit: Ink Cafe

    Step into black and white art at Ink Café's drawing-inspired interiors. The 2D art illusion makes a great setting for enjoying coffee and sandwiches.


    • Location: Marina Food Arena, Lusail
    • Contact: +974 7441 4481
    • Instagram:

    Kickoff Fusion Restaurant

    Kickoff Fusion Restaurant
    Image credit: Saifullah Baig from Google Images

    Love football? Check out Kickoff Fusion Restaurant's football-themed venue! Dine on goalpost seats and football field-designed tables.


    • Location: Near Lulu Express, B Ring Road
    • Contact: +974 3060 5141
    • Instagram: @kickoffrestaurantqa

    One Piece Lounge Cafe

    One Piece Lounge Cafe
    Image credit: One Piece Lounge Cafe

    One Piece fans are in for a treat at the newly opened One Piece Lounge Cafe! They serve comfort food in a venue themed after the famous anime. Each table also has a small arcade game for diners to enjoy while they wait and eat their food!


    • Location: Al Kheesa
    • Contact: +974 4416 6442
    • Instagram: @onepieceloungecafe

    Planet Hollywood Doha

    Planet Hollywood
    Image credit: Planet Hollywood

    Planet Hollywood in Doha Oasis provides diners with movie nostalgia from the red carpet entrance, numerous film memorabilia displays, a wall of fame, and a gift shop. After discovering the many interesting trinkets and figures, take a break and indulge in comfort food.


    • Location: Doha Oasis
    • Contact: +974 4410 3459
    • Instagram: @planethollywooddoha

    Public House

    Public House
    Image credit: Public House

    Travel back to the past at Public House's retro-themed dining experience. Enjoy the 50s-80s-inspired interior, displays, and activities. Pick a song to dance to on the jukebox and enjoy your meals served by waiters on roller skates. They're known for their festive brunch buffet and nightlife.


    • Location: Marsa Malaz Kempinski Doha
    • Contact: +974 7479 0864
    • Instagram: @publichousedoha

    Shakespeare and Co.

    Shakespeare and Co
    Image credit: Shakespeare and Co

    Feel like you're in an early Victorian film with Shakespeare and Co's elegant and extravagant setting. Offering exquisite European delicacies and dishes, enjoy your meals in plush, vintage and colourful interiors.


    • Location: Dar Al Salam Mall
    • Contact: +974 6676 8812
    • Instagram: @shakespearedoha

    Slot Racing Qatar

    Image credit: Slot Racing Qatar

    If you need speed and love racing, check out Slot Racing Qatar! Battle it out with friends and family on the slot racing map and enjoy a pit stop of burgers, pasta, and pizza.


    • Location: Lusail Marina
    • Contact: +974 4487 7192
    • Instagram: @slotracingqatar

    Subzero Ice Lounge

    Subzero Ice Lounge
    Image credit: Subzero Ice Lounge

    Looking to beat the heat? Try Subzero Café's icy interiors and feel like you're enjoying a meal and drinks at the North Pole. Check out the cool (literally) ice sculptures too!


    • Location: Porto Arabia, The Pearl Island
    • Contact: +974 5595 1101
    • Instagram:

    The Aviator Lounge

    Aviator Lounge
    Image credit: The Aviator Lounge

    Ever dreamed of being a pilot? The Aviator Lounge takes you to the skies while you enjoy your meal. They offer real aviation training simulations with instructors as well.


    • Location: Qanat Quartier, The Pearl Island
    • Contact: +974 4432 3160
    • Instagram: @the_aviator_lounge

    Upside Down Café

    Upside Down Cafe
    Image credit: Upside Down Cafe

    At Upside Down Café, you may be confused about which way is up. With furniture in the ceiling and some drinks served in upside-down cups, enjoy brews in this topsy turvy café.


    • Locations: Corniche
    • Contact: +974 3310 2046, +974 6619 3499
    • Instagram:


    Which one of these restaurants or cafes do you want to try? Let us know in the comments! Do share this article - it keeps us going!