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Posted On: 8 July 2020 10:25 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 10:30 am

Local specialty coffee roasters in Qatar

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Do you start your day with a cup of coffee? If you're a coffee lover who's partial to Arabica coffee beans and prefer to brew your own cup at home, then you probably have asked where can you buy freshly roasted coffee beans in Qatar. So we rounded up the local coffee roasters in Qatar to help you in your quest to find the best quality beans with your preferred flavor notes. Some of the roasting companies even have their own coffee shops in the country.

Scroll down to learn about the local specialty coffee roasters in Qatar where you can get your single-origin coffee beans and more!

Amare Caffe

Image credit: Amare Caffe

Amare Caffe, with a monthly roasting capacity of 10,000 kilograms, supplies its roasted premium coffee beans to businesses in Qatar including restaurants, cafes, and hotels. They also have their own coffee blend, called BlendX, which is a customized mix of roasted coffee beans with its own unique flavor that many of its patrons enjoy and recommend.

They also sell brewing equipment such as grinders, V-60, Syphon, and Chemex.

Beans: Barista special, Amare BlendX, Amare Blend, Colombia La Union, Colombia Huila, Uganda, Ethiopia Sidamo

Buy their coffee beans here:

Contact: +974 66940250


Vulcan Coffee Roastery

Image credit: Vulcan Coffee Roastery

Vulcan Coffee works with farmers and suppliers around the world to source high-quality coffee beans which are then roasted in Qatar to bring the finest organic coffee straight to the cup of coffee lovers in the country.

Aside from beans they also sell espresso machines, accessories, coffee cups, coffee tray, carafe, grinders, brewing equipment,

Beans: Brazil, Colombia, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Honduras, El Salvador, Kenya

Buy their coffee beans here:

Contact: +974 66043055


Cherry Beans

Image credit: Cherry Beans

A specialty coffee purveyor, Cherry Beans focus on traceability quality, ethically sourced coffees, and hospitable and knowledgeable agents. Their goal is not just to sell coffee but to also educate their customers on specialty coffee. Cherry Beans has coffee shops in Umm Slal and Al Wakrah.

They also sell coffee equipment and provide consultations and training.

Beans: Yemen, Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Kenya, Rwanda, Finjal Arabic

Buy their coffee beans here:

Contact: +974 4487 9940


Empire Coffee

Image credit: Empire Coffee

Empire Coffee offers specialty coffee through its stores and partners in Qatar as well as machinery, preparation tools, and coffee capsules. Its website is certified by Theqa, a government-owned, not-for-profit Trustmark program that reassures consumers that it has been approved by MOTC to sell goods and services online. Empire Coffee shops are located in Msheireb, The Avenue Hotel, and Ezdan Hotel.

Beans: Honduras, Nicaragua, Papua New Guinea, Colombia, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, Brazil

Buy your beans here:

Contact: +974 33312268


Golden Ratio Roasters

Image Credit: Golden Ratio Roasters

According to their website, Golden Ratio Roasters was established by people who wanted to share their passion and knowledge for the international coffee culture with Qatar’s fast-growing coffee industry. They have a dedicated special team of professional associates whose only goal is to source the best possible green beans from around the world.

They also offer customized and exclusive roasting profiles to their customers as well as barista training and coffee menu consultation. You can check out the detailed description of their single-origin beans on their website.

Beans: Ethiopia, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras

Contact: +974 33646953 / +974 33845705


Roastado Roastery

Image credit: Roastado Coffee

A member of the Specialty Coffee Association, Roastado has a variety of single-origin coffees chosen for their unique flavor notes. They also provide coffee beans to cafes and hotels in Doha. Aside from coffee beans, they also sell Synesso espresso machines and grinders.

Beans: El Salvador, Brazil, Kenya, Guatemala, Ethiopia: Guji, Carnival

Buy your beans here:

Contact: +974 3351 5111


Doha Roastery

Image credit: Doha Roastery

Aside from sourcing single-origin coffee beans from different regions in the world and then roasting it locally, Doha Roastery also has a coffee shop at Woqod Rawdat Al Hamama 18.

Single origin coffee beans: Nicaragua, Brazil, El Salvador, Honduras, Colombia, Costa Rica

Contact: 66788898


Do you brew your own coffee? Which single-origin coffee do you like best? Let us know in the comments!