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Posted On: 16 January 2023 04:30 pm
Updated On: 16 January 2023 03:36 pm

Korean convenience store experience in Qatar

Tracy Quirino
Tracy Quirino
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Korean convenience store updated

You've probably seen it on social media or have experienced it yourself; Korean convenience stores are a budget-friendly and exciting experience for many Korean culture lovers. As the name states, in Korea, these stores offer great convenience for those looking for a quick bite or products they need ASAP.

Luckily, these trending Korean items can easily be found in Qatar! In this article, the (ILQ) team takes you on a quick-read journey on where and how to experience Korean convenience stores in Qatar. Read along to see a list of Korean convenience store items you should try!

Where to get the Korean convenience store experience in Qatar

Korean food finds in Qatar
You'll get a variety of Korean products in A'JIATTIC too!

A'JIATTIC, previously known as Vision Mart, is one of the stores in Qatar that offers authentic Korean products from groceries to skincare - even KPop merchandise! This store contains products hailed from Korea to offer the people in Qatar the experience of Korean products. In A'JIATTIC, you'll find products such as fruits, teas, condiments, sweets, snacks, and more!


  • Location: Al Rayyan Tower, Bin Mahmoud, Al Rayyan Road (Beside Bentley Showroom, Opposite Hamad Medical City)
  • Phone: +974 7067 5135
  • Website:

How to get the Korean convenience store experience

Korean food finds in Qatar
Pour some boiling water into your cup ramyeon or pop in the microwave your fish cake!

You won't have to travel to Korea to experience what it's like to eat in a Korean convenience store! A'JIATTIC has a dedicated area by the side of the store with a long table and a few chairs. In this area, you'll find a microwave and a hot water dispenser which you can use for the food you can purchase in the store!

Products you should try at the Korean convenience store in Qatar


Korea food finds in Qatar
Image credit: A'JIATTIC

This famous Korean dish comes in different shapes and sizes. You can eat these at fancy restaurants on well-decorated plates, or you can grab one of these at convenience stores or supermarkets! Add boiling water to a cup ramen and let it cook for a while, and you're ready to go. Packet ramen should be cooked in pots and is best made at home.


Korean food finds in Qatar
Image credit: A'JIATTIC

Teokbokki is a staple Korean street food made of rice cake and savoury sauce that people of all ages enjoy. Like ramen, these can also be easily snacked on thanks to these instant bowls. Just pour boiling water and the powdered sauces into the cup, pop it in the microwave, and bite on this chewy goodness!

Instant meals

Korean food finds in Qatar
This instant bowl of soup makes it super easy to have a warm meal during cold weather!

A bowl of instant rice with a generous serving of soup or a tasty meal in the middle of the day can be a wonderful, hearty treat. This instant meal comes as different Korean dishes such as soft tofu soup, seaweed soup, and even bibimbap! You can easily eat this at A'JIATTIC by adding water from the store's hot water dispenser and popping it into the microwave as needed.

Canned tuna & kimchi

Korean food finds in Qatar
Get your 'banchan' here, from canned tuna to stir-fried kimchi!

These canned tunas are easy to open and snack on when sitting in a convenience store with a bowl of instant rice. Apart from these canned tunas, there is also canned kimchi available that you can make as your 'banchan' or Korean side dish!

Pouch drinks

Korean food finds in Qatar
A sweet drink that's easy to grab and drink!

Have you seen this pouched drink on social media? Get to experience opening a packet of these drinks and pouring it into a cup filled with ice for that Korean Convenience Store feel. These pouches come in different flavours such as Americano black, Americano Sweet, and Hazelnut flavour! Make sure you don't forget to ask for your cup with ice at the cashier!


    Have you tried these Korean convenience store items? Which one was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below! Do share this article - it keeps us going!