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Posted On: 23 June 2021 07:00 pm
Updated On: 24 June 2021 12:09 am

Signature Jamavar Doha dishes you simply won't be able to resist or forget

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Signature Jamavar Doha dishes that you simply won't be able to resist- or forget

Jamavar Doha opened its doors at the Sheraton Grand Doha Resort and Convention Hotel recently and has become the talk of the town. There is a chance if you call to make a reservation, you won’t get one immediately! And, that's because everyone wants to embark on this culinary journey that takes you through the North Indian royal kitchens to the shores of the South to reignite their senses with exciting flavours and fragrant Indian spices! So, don't forget to book ahead!

The significance of the name

Signature Jamavar Doha dishes that you simply won't be able to forget - or resist!
Jamavar Doha is a fine dining Indian restaurant!

Jamavar Doha takes its name from the beautifully intricate and vibrant 16th century Kashmiri shawls with regal and elegant embroidery that is both sophisticated and elaborate just like the food that’s served at Jamavar.

Jamavar Doha specialises in pan-Indian flavours and resonates with the culture of India because of its authentic cooking techniques from across the country.

The Jamavar Doha experience

Signature Jamavar Doha dishes that you simply won't be able to forget - or resist!
The grand welcome that awaits you at Jamavar Doha

From the minute you’re greeted at the door of this grand restaurant to your entry into the breathtaking interior that speaks finesse, elegance and sophistication, you’ll be holding your breath in wonder. This is where the Jamavar experience is just starting!

The staff is very attentive, the service impeccable and their knowledge of each dish and beverage on the menu is impressive, to say the least.

The menu is divided into a la carte and a listing of set menus, so you can decide how you want to enjoy your meal. The menu is extensive and each dish, dessert and beverage is described in detail, so you know just what you’ll be savouring when you order it. The flavour and texture of everything on the menu have been specially curated and designed to provide you with a rich experience of Indian cuisine like never before.

Signature Jamavar Doha dishes you’ll keep coming back for again and again

Signature Jamavar Doha dishes that you simply won't be able to forget - or resist!
A starter to keep you busy while you order!

Although everything on the Jamavar Doha menu is a unique experience and a perfect treat, there are some signature dishes that guests who visit come back for again and again, and recommend to their family and friends.

Small Plates

Signature Jamavar Doha dishes that you simply won't be able to forget - or resist!
Image credit: Chandni Chowk Ki Aloo Tiki is an appetiser that has been to be experienced!

Savour the melt-in-your-mouth texture of potatoes and spices in the Chandni Chowk Ki Aloo Tikki. It’s drizzled with pomegranates, mint and tamarind chutney – a must-try!

Delight in the royal experience that comes with the softness and majestic flavours that are infused in the Kid Goat Shami Kebab. It’s made with 49 different spices, so you can just imagine what a treat this will be – has to be ordered!

Whet your appetite with the Adraki Lamb Chops marinated in yoghurt, royal cumin, fennel and ginger. It’s served with a delicate carrot salad that perfectly balances the flavour of the succulent chops – enjoy it!

Relish in the tender bones Murgh Malligai perfectly marinated with buttermilk, raw mango pachadi and ginger. It’s served with some pickled radish that complements the tenderness of the chicken – don’t miss it!


Signature Jamavar Doha dishes that you simply won't be able to forget - or resist!
Jamavar Doha's exquisite signature main dishes!

Stimulate your taste buds with the aromatic and flavourful Kacche Gosht Ki Biryani that is cooked to royal perfection with lamb, royal cumin seeds, mint and saffron and brought straight to you from Hyderabad’s Nawabi traditions. It comes with a simple Raita that’s made up of yoghurt and spices and goes well with the Biryani – it’s a royal treat!

Cherish the flavours of the lamb shank in the Laal Maas that’s been slow-cooked for eight hours with the famous Rajasthani chilli, so it falls right off the bone. It’s accompanied by a rich gravy that goes well with the shank – appreciate the flavours!

Revel in this class Indian delight called the Murgh Makhani made with tandoor (oven) roasted chicken, farm fresh tomato gravy, fresh cream, cashew nuts and fenugreek. Its texture and flavour are as authentically Indian as you can get - relish the flavour!

Luxuriate in the smooth and creamy texture and flavours of the Dal ‘Jamavar’ that’s made from slow-cooked black lentils, that will tantalise your senses and your taste buds - it’s out of this world!


Signature Jamavar Doha dishes that you simply won't be able to forget - or resist!
The stuffed Gulab Jamum is an otherworldly experience!

Delight in the Gulab Jamun that’s stuffed with nuts, saffron and syrup. It’s served with India’s famous Rabdi recipe giving it that added zing and a dollop of homemade vanilla ice cream - what more could you possibly want!

Experience the Saffron Cheesecake that’s made with a twist as the name suggests. The saffron gives this dessert a majestic Indian touch that is a treat to divulge in. It’s served with a lotus biscuit, cream, berries and a sprig of mint – it's heavenly!

Cool your senses with the Malai and Berry Kulfi that’s sweet and sour to give a balanced flavour that you will fall in love with. It’s served on a biscuit base and has fried vermicelli on top – it’s a delight!


Signature Jamavar Doha dishes that you simply won't be able to resist- or forget
Refresh your senses and quench your thirst with these drinks!

Refresh your senses with Jaipur – The Pink City which is a blend of Rooh Afzah, strawberry, blueberry, pineapple, homemade cardamom syrup and rose water. It comes with a bamboo straw and a beautiful image of the Hawa Mahal, a palace in India's Jaipur, that was known for its many windows and airiness - it's full of freshness!

Quench your thirst with the wonderfully refreshing Jamavar Lemon Sorbet that is a blend of lemon sorbet, apple juice, cranberry, guava juice and topped with cotton candy. It's served with a bamboo straw and comes with a beautiful glass cover to seal in that unique smokey flavour - it's quite a delight!

Invigorate your body with the Kala Khatta which is a combination of blackberry, black grapes, tamarind, a homemade spice blend and munakka. It's served with berries, a bamboo straw and is a little blast from the past - it's too good!

Jamavar Doha extends a royal welcome

Make a reservation today at Jamavar Doha to enjoy its signature dishes and also add to the list by trying other dishes, desserts and beverages. There's plenty to choose from and each item on the menu promises to bring you back to this fine dining Indian restaurant again and again and again!

  • Timings: 12:30 pm - 12 am (midnight)
  • Tel: +974 4485 3000
  • Instagram: @jamavardoha
  • Website: Jamavar Doha

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