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Posted On: 19 April 2021 08:02 pm
Updated On: 10 August 2022 05:07 pm

What is Ghabga during Ramadan?

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What is Ghabga in Ramadan? (Shutterstock)

Have you ever heard of the word ‘Ghabga’ in Qatar during Ramadan? Do you know what it is? If you've been here in Qatar for a while, you may have heard the word Ghabga mentioned specifically during Ramadan and may have an idea what it is. If you're new to this country, then there are chances you haven't heard about Ghabga and what it is.

You may think Iftar (breaking the fast at sunset) and Suhour (meal before fasting starts at sunrise) are the only meals served during Ramadan, but Ghabga is also a meal served during Ramadan in Qatar and other Arab countries, which definitely deserves a mention.

What is Ghabga?

Ghabga is translated as 'gathering' in Arabic and is a Ramadan tradition. It's usually served as a late-night meal after 10 pm and may go on till 2 am. People like to gather friends or family for this meal, but it's not necessary!

Many Muslims in Qatar and other Arab countries try not to overeat during Iftar so they can get their metabolism going and don't feel ill after a heavy meal. That's where Ghabga comes in. Ghabga is a late-night meal that's served when you're feeling hungry again after Iftar and before Suhour. It's a time of joy and happiness, especially when shared with loved ones.

Along with an abundance of food, Arabic coffee and tea are an integral part of the Ghabga meal. So, are water and other drinks to keep you hydrated and ready to fast again!

Many hotels and restaurants in Qatar also serve a lavish Ghabga meal. People come for these Ghabgas all dressed to enjoy the delicious - some Arabic and some international - surrounded by family and /or friends.

One thing is sure wherever you have Ghabga - whether in the comfort of your home or at a restaurant - it's the perfect way to get together, laugh, eat and enjoy the festivities of Ramadan in Qatar.

Is it time for Ghabga yet?

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