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Posted On: 9 April 2017 12:00 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 10:29 am

Doha’s trendiest cafés: great coffee, great vibes

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Coffee is the fuel for the masses. Whether you’re trying to pull an all-nighter or you’re going out to enjoy with friends, coffee tends to be on the agenda. Doha has an abundance of cafés available for both aficionados and those who just enjoy the serene vibes that coffee shops have to offer.

Most cafés have either indoor or outdoor seating, in most cases both. In a city like Doha, the only time one can enjoy being outdoors, with a nice steaming cup of Joe, is during the winter season, which lasts for about three to four months. With summer fast approaching, now is the best time to take advantage of the remainder of Doha’s pleasant weather, particularly during the evenings as the sky fades into hues of orange and purple, and setting the mood for a yummy hot beverage.

So whether you’re an indoors or outdoors person, we have a list of some of Doha’s trendiest coffee hotspots, so make sure to check them out!

Flat White
The Pearl-Qatar

cafe in qatar

Located in Porto Arabia, Flat White Specialty Coffee is a very popular café that’s frequented by both locals and expats alike.

Upon first entering the café you can distinguish that it’s unlike any other “mainstream” coffee shop in Doha. There’s a high table and high chairs facing the window, with a spectacular view of Porto Arabia’s scenic promenade. The café has a very industrial-chic vibe and books available to read at your leisure! There’s also outdoor seating for those who prefer to enjoy a better view and the Pearl’s pleasant sea-breeze.

Although slightly more on the expensive side, the coffee at Flat White is pretty good. They promote naturally sweetened coffee, but if you prefer your caffeine on the extra sweet side, they have sugar and sweeteners available.


Fleurs et Café
The Pearl-Qatar

macaroons in qatar

Flowers and coffee anyone? Fleurs et Café, which literally means “flowers and coffee”, has established a very unique café experience, where you can both grab a nice hot cup of mocha and buy an arrangement of flowers at the same time.

Set up in a very classy, feminine way, with flowers and dainty decor adorning the walls, and elaborate chandeliers bedecking the ceilings, Fleurs et Café is a must-try! It has a general seating area with lavish wooden chairs and tables, and another smaller and more comfortable room with a squishy plush sofa, facing a huge window that also overlooks Porto Arabia’s promenade. From the outside it looks as if the window is a giant photo frame, which is pretty cool.

Also leaning more towards the pricier side, Fleurs et Café offers an assortment of drinks and yummy desserts! For matcha lovers, Fleurs has matcha lattes and matcha cheesecake! The café also has a cool sign out in front where they pick two names of the day (male and female), and if you share the same name that they’ve put up, you might get a free coffee!


Ezdan Tower

cafe interior qatar

Mokarabia has a number of different locations, but the one at Ezdan Tower is the best. Why? Because it has a huge library within its coffee shop at your disposal! So you can have a nice browse through their collection of books while enjoying a nice mug of hot cocoa.

Mokarabia has a very cozy setup that’s very reminiscent of a retro European-style café. With plaid-striped seats, mismatched couches, and a number of cool signs plastered on the walls, Mokarabia is definitely a coffee hotspot where one can go to chill, work, or enjoy with a couple of friends. They have a number of drinks and desserts, which they’re known for. Mokarabia also offers a few breakfast items and salads, if you want to go for alternative options. Their hot chocolate and milkshake frappes are must-tries!

They also have outdoor seating if you’re in the mood to enjoy the warmish Doha weather!


Espressamente Illy
Al Fardan Tower

Espressamente Illy Al Fardan Tower

A bit of a hidden gem, Espressamente Illy has a number of delicious coffee and food options! Located in Al Fardan tower in West Bay, Illy is situated in a cute little café right beside the Al Fardan showroom. It’s an ideal spot to get in a few good hours of solid work — quiet and serene, except for the occasional sounds of the café’s coffeemaker going off.

Some of their best beverages are the affogato and the cafe freddo.


Café #999
Doha Fire Station

Café #999 Doha Fire Station

Café #999, named after Doha’s emergency number as it’s located at the Doha Fire Station (which is now a museum), is a nice little spot to chill, eat, and grab a cappuccino.

If you’re visiting any of the current exhibitions at the Doha Fire Station (e.g. Picasso-Giacometti), it’s worth stopping by the museum’s café! #999 has a nice view of the Doha skyline, and has a lot of outdoor seating to better enjoy the view, which is even more spectacular at night.

#999 has a lot on their menu, from salads and sandwiches to camel burgers and nutrition shots, they’re leaning towards promoting healthy food items! Their coffee is superb, and so is their coconut flavored blue curaçao drink!


Al Jazeera Café
Katara Cultural Village

Al Jazeera Café Katara Cultural Village

Al Jazeera isn’t just a channel, it’s also a café — a media café! It’s kind of like a museum, particularly considering some of their displays that showcase different historical media events; honoring brave journalists who reported in war zones and conflicts in the Middle East and various tokens that also share facts about reporters who’ve risked their lives to inform the masses. It’s worth visiting just to get a little bit more informed on journalism within the region.

The café itself is super cool. The tables are giant screens; you can play games and order from their menu too! Pretty much everything at Al Jazeera Café is interactive. They even have a newsroom setup, which is a bonus for people who love taking photos!

Al Jazeera’s menu also has a number of healthy options. They serve breakfast and brunch, salads, and of course beverages! Al Jazeera Café is a great place to explore and learn more about regional journalism while sipping on a café latte.


Shades Café & Eatery
Doha Tower

Shades Café & Eatery Doha Tower

Another hidden gem, Shades Café is located in Doha Tower along the Corniche. Although parking is a little difficult, since it’s in the main downtown West Bay area, it’s a really quiet spot to grab a quick coffee and sit and do some work. In addition to its caffeine varieties, Shades also offers a number of salads, sandwiches, and pastries. For people working in the West Bay area, it’s an ideal spot to visit, particularly if it’s walking distance from your office building.

The café has a shaded outdoor seating and overlooks the very scenic landscape of Doha Tower’s gardens. Despite its name, Shades Café is very bright during the day due to its many windows! So you don’t even have to go outside to get your dose Vitamin C, you can just sit by a window and soak in the sun with a nice cooling and refreshing lemonade! How amazing does that sound?


Chemist Café
B Square Mall

Chemist Café B Square Mall

There’s a newly opened café at the B Square Mall out near Mesaimeer called the Chemist Café!

A super unique concept that looks as if you’ve walked into a laboratory, everything in this café stays true to its theme! From beakers to syringes, lab coats to goggles, the Chemist Café really sells its funky concept well! It’s definitely a cool place to grab coffee in a measuring cup, as well as a bunch of other peculiar drinks! ILQ hasn’t tried it yet, but we definitely will soon! What are your favorite cafés around Doha? Comment below!