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Posted On: 6 September 2021 05:00 pm
Updated On: 11 December 2022 10:38 am

Eat around the world in these restaurants at The Pearl-Qatar!

Vrinda Abilash
Vrinda Abilash
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The Pearl-Qatar in Doha is home to one of the largest real estate developments in the Middle East. There are plenty of things to do on this man-made island from sightseeing, strolling, shopping, and of course eating! With a number of restaurants sprinkled all across this beautiful place, it is definitely a foodie’s delight. You can literally eat around the world here, and we are not kidding!

The (ILQ) team has put together a list of places (alphabetical order) serving different cuisines. Just pick and choose what you want and head over for an amazing meal! Are you drooling already?!

American cuisine at Brisket

Eat around the world at The Pearl-Qatar
Image Credit: Brisket

Hungry for a juicy burger, some wings and more? Head over to Brisket to get your hands on some smoky BBQ madness like their Monster BBQ sandwich, Slow n low Smoked Lamb Ribs, Smoked Chicken Wings, Smoked Brisket etc. They also have a vegan burger option where the patty is grilled and wood-smoked for, those who prefer that too!


  • Location: 25 Porto Arabia Drive, Doha
  • Phone: +974 4001 8452 | +974 6651 6661
  • Instagram:

Arabic and Middle Eastern cuisine at Yasmine Palace

Eat around the world at The Pearl-Qatar
Image Credit: Yasmine Palace

The first thing that blows you away at this place is the décor. It is grand, regal and stunning! Yasmine Palace serves Syrian, Lebanese, Levant and Arabic cuisine. You can also find Qatari cuisine based dishes here. Try delicious food like their Meat Barak, Chicken Musakhan Rolls, Kebab Halabi, Toushka, Mansaf Lahm, Andalusia with Cream, Umm Ali and others! We are sure you will walk out with a satisfied tummy and a smile on your face!


  • Location: Parcel 18, Fountain Roundabout Pearl Qatar، Marina Way 31
  • Phone: +974 7711 1504
  • Instagram: @yasminepalace

Asian cuisine at The Noodle House

Eat around the world at The Pearl-Qatar
Image Credit: The Noodle House

If you're looking for some yummy Southeast Asian food, then you must visit The Noodle House. Here you are spoilt for choice with their variety of offerings. Some of their must-tries are the Kang Kung Belacan, Prawn Hargao, Duck Pot Sticker, Seafood Siew Mai, Miso Salmon, Char Kway Teow Noodles, Sesame Tofu, and more!


  • Location: Porto Arabia Drive, The Pearl Qatar, Doha
  • Phone: +974 4442 9321
  • Facebook: @noodlehouseqa

Chinese & Thai cuisine at Ginger Club

Eat around the world at The Pearl-Qatar
Image Credit: Ginger Club

Chinese & Thai food like Chicken Dim Sum, Crispy Beef, Chilli Garlic Tofu, Pad Thai, Chicken Satay, Beijing Chicken, traditional Money Bag, Honey Ginger Sizzler, and more await you here! Have you tried food from Ginger Club before?


  • Location: Qanat Quartier 5B, The Pearl
  • Phone: +974 5078 8666
  • Instagram: @gingerclub.qatar

Indian cuisine at Jwala Restaurant

Eat around the world at The Pearl-Qatar
Image Credit: Jwala Restaurant

Get ready to enjoy some lip-smacking Indian food at Jwala Restaurant. The décor of this place is on point and the same can be said about their food too. Enjoy a lavish and delicious spread of Indian fusion dishes like their Wow Pow Chicken sliders, Kutubminar Shawarma which is served with Chapati, Tahina Raita, Jingalala Biryani and more!


  • Location: Andalucia Way, building B12, Medina, Doha
  • Phone: +974 5000 1334
  • Instagram: @jwalaqatar

Italian cuisine at Biella

Eat around the world at The Pearl-Qatar
Image Credit: Biella

Biella serves authentic Italian cuisine and comes with many options for you like Bolognese Pasta, Crema Di Funghi soup, Seafood Pasta Pot, Biella Pizza, a variety of salads, desserts, and drinks. Sounds yummy, don't you think?


  • Location: Medina Centrale, The Pearl, Doha
  • Phone: +974 4421 0025
  • Instagram: @biellaqa

Jamaican cuisine at One Love Jamaican Restaurant

Restaurants at The Pearl
Image credit: One Love Jamaican Restaurant

Have you ever tried Jamaican cuisine before? If not, head down to One Love Jamaican Restaurant at The Pearl! This restaurant offers an authentic Jamaican experience from its cuisine to its ambience. Serving authentic tropical island flavours, enjoy famous Jamaican dishes such as jerk chicken, curried goat, and more!


  • Location: Unit No. 138, Building No. QQ06A, Piazza Level Qanat Quartier, The Pearl
  • Phone: +974 5050 2131
  • Instagram: @oneloveqr

Japanese cuisine at Soy by Sato Qatar

Restaurants at The Pearl
Image credit: Soy by Sato

If you’re craving Japanese food, why not try Soy By Sato! Experience an unforgettable Japanese culinary experience as you dig into the sushi rolls, fresh sashimi, innovative mains, and more from Soy By Sato. When will you be going there?


  • Location: Porto Arabia Tower 2A, Doha
  • Phone: +974 5563 3533 | +974 4436 5638
  • Instagram: @soybysato

Korean cuisine at Maru

Restaurants at The Pearl
Image credit: Maru Korean BBQ Restaurant

Get a chance to taste authentic Korean cuisine with Maru at The Pearl! Try their authentic traditional Korean dishes and experience the world-renowned ultimate Korean BBQ. When at Maru, you'll not only get to taste unique Korean dishes, but you'll also get a feel of Korea in every corner of the restaurant.


  • Location: Lagune Palazzo 6, Qanat Quartier, The Pearl
  • Phone: +974 4002 5555
  • Instagram: @marukoreanbbq_qatar

Latin American cuisine at Toro Toro Doha

Eat around the world at The Pearl-Qatar
Image Credit: Toro Toro Doha

Toro Toro Doha is known for its “Latin American fusion of traditional & contemporary” dishes. Make Taco Tuesdays fun with their variety of yummy tacos, dig into their Churrasco barbecue, feasting on delicious Brazilian meat, along with starters, try their Ceviche and their crowd favourite smoked Guacamole! When are you indulging in this grand Latin American affair?


  • Location: Marsa Malaz Kempinski, The Pearl, Doha
  • Phone: +974 4035 5101
  • Instagram: @torotorodoha

Lebanese cuisine at Debs W Remman

Eat around the world at The Pearl-Qatar
Image Credit: Debs W Remman

Love Lebanese cuisine? Head over to Debs W Remman now! Here you can enjoy a fresh bowl of Tabbouleh, a variety of cold and hot mezze, Roasted Lamb with Oriental Rice, Mixed Grill, Kastaleta, Foul Mudammas etc. Have you been here before?


  • Location: Medina Centrale, Plaza Andalucia, building B07, Porto Arabia Drive, Doha
  • Phone: +974 3333 4663
  • Instagram: @debs_w_remman

Mexican cuisine at Viva Mexico

Eat around the world at The Pearl-Qatar
Image Credit: Viva Mexico

Get your fix of flavourful Mexican Lamb Barbacoa, Tortilla Soup, Baja Tacos, Chicken Enchiladas, Al Pastor Burrito, Shrimp Empanadas, Beef Quesadillas and make sure you leave some room for a sweet ending with their Tres Leches Cake and Churros with yummy sides!


Parisian cuisine at Le Relais de L’Entrecote

Eat around the world at The Pearl-Qatar
Image Credit: Le Relais de L’Entrecote

This French chain in Doha serves a set menu consisting of a salad, two servings of pepper steak and a good portion of fries. You can ask for their dessert menu and choose from the many yummy options available!


Persian cuisine at Joon Restaurant

Eat around the world at The Pearl-Qatar
Image Credit: Joon Restaurant

Taste and enjoy authentic Persian food at Joon Restaurant. Do try their Kashke Bademjan, Bakhtairi Kebab, Joon Special Salad and other delights and let us know how you liked them!


  • Location: Thirty Porto Arabia, The Pearl, Doha
  • Phone: +974 4444 0587
  • Instagram: @joon_qatar

Qatari cuisine at Gahwetna

Eat around the world at The Pearl-Qatar
Image Credit: Gahwetna

Serving Qatari cuisine Gahwetna doesn’t disappoint. Savour dishes like Al Bteini, Chapati Mutabtab, Keema Arayes, Biqashe Biryani, Balaleet, Vintage Lougaimat and more and satiate your taste buds. Hungry yet? Head over to this place today!


  • Location: Unit 121A, Building 6, Plaza Andalucia Way, Doha
  • Phone: +974 3329 0600
  • Instagram: @gahwetnaqa

Spanish cuisine at El Faro

Eat around the world at The Pearl-Qatar
Image Credit: El Faro

Enjoy the flavours of Spain and have a siesta at El Faro. Dig into some hot and cold savoury tapas, traditional Spanish main courses like Pallela and other delicacies here!


  • Location: Marsa Malaz Kempinski, The Pearl, Doha
  • Phone: +974 4035 5011 | +974 7479 0864
  • Instagram: @elfarodoha

Turkish cuisine at Sazeli Qatar

Eat around the world at The Pearl-Qatar
Image Credit: Sazeli Qatar

Sazeli Qatar is a “premium authentic Turkish Steakhouse & Delicatessen”. As their name suggests, they serve mouthwatering meats that are grilled to perfection, an authentic Turkish breakfast spread, scrumptious appetizers, and more. Go with your squad and have a great time here!


  • Location: Alhambra St, The Pearl, Doha
  • Phone: +974 5000 4948
  • Instagram: @sazeli_qatar

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How many of these restaurants have you eaten from at The Pearl-Qatar? What is your favourite cuisine? Do let us know in the comments below! Do share the article - it keeps us going!