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Posted On: 4 May 2023 02:00 pm
Updated On: 4 May 2023 01:34 pm

Desserts from around the world and where to try them in Doha

Cassandra Pallagud
Cassandra Pallagud
Content Writer
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Desserts from around the world and where to try them in doha

A great way to get to know another culture is through their food, and different cuisines have interesting and unique takes on sweet treats. Travel the world with your sweet tooth and try tasty desserts from all around the world!

The (ILQ) team has compiled a list of desserts from different countries and where to try them in Doha!

Luqaimat - Qatar

Image credit: Karaki

These bite-sized goodies are one of the Qatari households' favourite desserts! They're similar to doughs but with more fragrant spices and flavours and are often drizzled with honey or date syrup.

Where to try luqaimat in Doha:

  • Luqimaty
    • Locations: Ar-Rayyan
    • Instagram:
  • Karaki
    • Locations: The Pearl Island, Baladna Park
    • Instagram: @karakiqatar

Ghriyba - Morocco

Image credit: Shutterstock

Ghriyba is a traditional Moroccan cookie infused with nutty and sesame flavours. They're yummy!

Where to try ghriyba in Doha:

  • Marrakech Restaurant
    • Locations: Lagoona Mall
    • Instagram: @marrakechrest
  • ASelham Restaurant
    • Locations: Al Khail Street
    • Instagram:

Tamriyeh - Palestine

Image credit: Ard Canaan Restaurant

Tamriyeh is a deep-fried dough pocket stuffed with semolina pudding and drizzled with powdered sugar and pistachios.

Where to try tamriyeh in Doha:

  • Ard Canaan
    • Locations: Katara Cultural Village
    • Instagram: @ardcanaan

Pastel de Nata – Portugal

Santa Nata
Image credit: Santa Nata

Pastel de Nata is a sweet egg custard tart with creamy filling on a buttery pastry. This treat has gained popularity all over the world for its simple flavours and you can't have just one bite!

Where to try pastel de nata in Doha:

  • Santa Nata
    • Locations: Msheireb Downtown Doha, Villaggio Mall, Place Vendome Mall
    • Instagram:
  • Nandos
  • Taro Bakery and Coffee Bar
    • Locations: Al Aziziyah
    • Instagram: @taroqatar

Churros – Spain

Churros Cafe
Image credit: Churros Cafe

Did you know that churros originated in Spain? These deep-fried treats are smothered in cinnamon sugar and optionally dipped in a sweet sauce!

Where to try churros in Doha:

  • Churros Cafe
    • Locations: Lusail Marina Food Arena, Gold Plaza, Lusail Winter Wonderland, Sheraton Park, Mall of Qatar
    • Instagram:
  • Viva Mexico
    • Locations: The Pearl Island, Msheireb Downtown Doha
    • Instagram: @vivamexicoqatar

Paczki (Polish donuts) – Poland

Polish Donut
Image credit: Polka Restaurant

Are you a donut lover? Then you should definitely try paczki! This Polish yumminess is a fluffy donut filled with custard or jam and is covered in powdered sugar.

Where to try paczki in Doha:

  • Polka Restaurant
    • Locations: Madinat Khalifa
    • Instagram: @polka.2022
    • Note: The Polish donuts at Polka are only available every last Thursday of the month, in-store.

Bingsu – Korean

Image credit: Sobingsu

Try out the popular Korean shaved ice dessert, bingsu! Topped with milk and fruits, it's a refreshingly sweet treat perfect for warm weather.

Where to try bingsu in Doha:

  • Sobingsu
    • Location: Bin Mahmoud
    • Instagram: @sobingsu_qa
  • Kuidaore Café
    • Location: Al Sadd Metro Station
    • Instagram:
  • QoKio Korean Fried Chicken
    • Location: Doha Souq Mall, Al Sadd
    • Instagram: @qokioqatar

Halo-halo – Philippines

Image credit: Max's Restaurant

A traditional ice dessert originating from the Philippines, the halo-halo is a mixture of multiple ingredients such as crushed ice, milk, coconut milk, sweet beans, ube, sago, and more. The literal translation of 'halo-halo' is 'mix-mix', and the dessert is intended to be mixed thoroughly to enjoy the fusion of flavours!

Where to try halo-halo in Doha:

  • Max's Restaurant
    • Locations: Al Sadd, B-Ring Road
    • Instagram: @maxsrestaurantme
  • Gerry's Grill
    • Location: Al Sadd, LuLu Hypermarket Barwa City
    • Instagram: @gerrysgrillqatar

Mango with sticky rice – Thailand

Mango sticky rice
Image credit: Thai Cuisine Restaurant

A comforting dessert from Thailand is the mango with sticky rice! This treat is sweet and filling, made with glutinous rice and fresh mango slices poured with coconut milk.

Where to try mango with sticky rice in Doha:

  • Khaosan
    • Locations: Bin Mahmoud
    • Instagram:
  • Thai Cuisine
    • Location: Al Sadd
    • Instagram: @thaicuisinerestaurant

Bubur Pulut Hitam – Indonesia

bubur pulut hitam
Image credit: Shutterstock

A unique dessert is bubur pulut hitam from Indonesia, made of black glutinous rice porridge mixed with coconut milk and sugar.

Where to try bubur pulut hitam in Doha:

  • Mama Rozie
    • Locations: Al Muntazah
    • Instagram: @mamarozieqa

Chè khoai dẻo – Vietnam

Vietnamese che
Image credit: Shutterstock

A popular street food sweet staple in Vietnam is the chè khoai dẻo, a bowl of sweet coconut milk with tapioca pearls, jellies and other sweet bites.

Where to try chè khoai dẻo in Doha:

  • Hoi An
    • Locations: Bin Mahmoud
    • Icouscousm: @hoianpho.qatar

Tchiakry – Senegal

Image credit: Sabali

A dessert made of sweet couscous, milk, yogurt, and dried fruit, this treat is healthy and delicious.

Where to try tchiakry in Doha:

  • Sabali
    • Locations: Tornado Tower, West Bay
    • Instagram: @sabaliqa atar

Mochi – Japan

Kane Mochi
Image credit: Kane Mochi

Mochi is a Japanese rice cake ball treat with a sweet filling that comes in a variety of different flavours. It can also be filled with ice cream!

Where to try mochi in Doha:

  • Kane Mochi
    • Locations: Ezdan Mall (Al Gharaffa), Mall of Qatar, Katara, Souq Waqif
    • Instagram:

Kyiv cake – Ukraine

Kyiv Cake
Image credit: Desert Rose

Kyiv Cake is a delicious cake made of layers of crunchy hazelnut meringue and buttercream originating in Ukraine.

Where to try kyiv cake in Doha:

  • Desert Rose
    • Locations: Souq Waqif
    • Instagram: @desertroseqr

Macarons – France

French macarons
Image credit: La Parisenne Doha

An iconic dessert from France, macarons are exquisite merengue-based sandwich cookies in different flavours and colours.

Where to try macarons in Doha:

  • Ladurée
    • Locations: Villaggio Mall, Doha Festival City, Place Vendome
    • Instagram: @ladureeqatar
  • La Parisienne Doha
    • Locations: Intercontinental Doha the City
    • Instagram: @laparisiennedoha
  • Paul Cafe Bakery
    • Locations: The Pearl Island, Villaggio Mall, Place Vendome Mall, Landmark Mall, Lagoona Mall, Doha Festival City, Al Mirqab Mall
    • Instagram: @paularabia

Crema bougatsas - Greece

Crema Bougatsa
Image credit: Hellas

The crema bougatsas is a Greek favourite! A custard pie phyllo pastry, it's sweet, light, and buttery!

Where to try crema bougatsas in Doha:

  • Hellas
    • Locations: Katara Cultural Village
    • Instagram: @hellasqatar

Tres Leches - South America

Tres leches
Image credit: Toro Toro Doha

'Tres leches' translates to 'three milk' and is a sponge cake that's soaked in three kinds of milk: evaporated, condensed, and whole milk. It is a popular dessert in South American countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, and more.

Where to try crema tres leches in Doha:

  • Toro Toro Doha
    • Locations: Marsa Malaz Kempinski
    • Instagram: @torotorodoha
  • Fuego
    • Locations: JW Marriott Marquis Doha
    • Instagram: @fuegodoha

Kheer - Pakistan

Image credit: Spice and Sizzle

Kheer is a Pakistani sweet wet pudding made with milk, sugar, rice, and a variety of toppings.

Where to try kheer in Doha:

  • Sizzle and Spice
    • Locations: Salwa Road, Legtaifiya
    • Instagram: @spiceandsizzle
  • Pak Pakwan Restaurant
    • Locations: Al Diwan Street
    • Instagram: @pakpakwan_restaurant

Jalebi - India

Desi Dhaba jalebi
Image credit: Jalebi

A sweet treat that's crispy and crunchy, jalebi is a popular street snack in India enjoyed by all ages!

Where to try jalebi in Doha:

  • Indigrill
    • Locations: Salwa Road, Legtaifiya
    • Instagram: @indigrillqa
  • Desi Dhaba
    • Locations: Al Sadd
    • Instagram: @desidhabaqatar

Watalappan - Sri Lanka

Watalappan qatar
Image credit: Shutterstock

Watalappan is a coconut-based custard pudding infused with various spices, giving it a fusion of irresistible distinct flavours.

Where to try watalappan in Doha:

  • Well On Restaurant
    • Locations: Al Mansoura
    • Instagram: @wellon_restaurant
  • Elite Family Restaurant
    • Locations: Al Sadd
    • Facebook: @elitedoha


Which of these desserts are you most excited to try? Let us know in the comments! Do share this article - it keeps us going!