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Posted On: 9 March 2018 06:39 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 10:29 am

Al Nafourah Garden launches its new tantalizing innovative menu

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Al Nafourah Garden’ restaurant at Oryx Rotana, the five-star luxury business hotel in Doha, has launched a new and innovative menu suiting the taste and requirements of the hotel guests and visitors. The guests can now tantalize their taste buds with the new menu while enjoying the premium services provided throughout the year in a special setting characterized with simplicity that meets their aspirations.

The food and Beverage team has meticulously worked on enriching the new menu to meet the culinary instincts of visitors and match their tastes. A large variety of cold creative appetizers have been added such as hummus Pistachio, Avocado Baba Ganoush, Caesar Salad with shish taouk, Watermelon, feta & halloumi cheese. Other mouthwatering items are now included in the menu such as Tomato & Chilli Stuffed Falafel, and Chicken Falafel with tahina & pickles in addition to a wide range of hot mezzeh as well.

To add a distinctive oriental feel, a ‘from the oven’ section has been added to the menu which serves a varied selection of special flatbreads, Sujuk lamb sausage & kashkaval, Minced Lamb egg with labneh, Harra tomato-chilli paste & onion, Mixed Cheese, Goat Cheese sweet onions & Rocca, Mushrooms with gruyere cheese with Rocca & garlic.

‘THE GRIL’ section now attracts guests with additional accompaniments such as Shish Taouk labneh & cumin, Fish Taouk labneh & saffron, Jumbo Prawns harissa & lemon. For dessert lovers, the new menu offers an addition of the Kunafa acacia honey syrup and the Iced Watermelon & Lychees.

Commenting on the new menu, Mark Timbrell, General Manager of Oryx Rotana said,” We are always striving to make improvements especially on the menus in all our restaurants that support the status we have achieved within the local hospitality sector. Today we are unveiling the innovative additions we’ve embraced to the menu of ‘Al Nafourah Garden’ to meet the guests' expectations and anticipation.”

“We have recently announced the changes we implemented to ’Al Nafourah Garden’ starting with the wooden pergolas and the all-season covered tent which adds a distinctive elegance to the place and has strengthened the restaurant's status to become the ideal place and the destination of choice for all members of the community to meet with family and friends. The guests will be able to spend quality time in an exceptional ambience especially with the giant screen which shows all the matches of the Champions League, Premier League and other famous sporting events.” he added.

All images courtesy of Oryx Rotana