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Posted On: 13 July 2021 06:35 pm
Updated On: 24 August 2021 01:50 pm

How to pre-register on Ehteraz website before traveling to Qatar

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NOTE: Please check the official MOPH website before you make any travel plans.

Is pre-registration mandatory for traveling/returning to Qatar?

According to the update on the new travel and return policy announced by the Ministry of Public Health on 13 July 2021, it is mandatory for all visitors to Qatar to register via the Ehteraz platform, and optional only for Qatar's citizens and residents.

What are the steps to register and get a travel authorization permit?

In a video posted by the Government Communications Office, the website ( was launched to expedite entry into Qatar. Here are the steps to pre-register via the Qatar arrivals registration platform:

Step 1: Setting up an account

  • Travelers will be required to create an account and provide relevant personal and health information.
    • If you are using the website for the first time, click on 'New User Registration'

When to pre-register?

  • Travelers must apply through the platform between 12 to 72 hours before their arrival time.

Step 2: Personal information

  • Qataris and residents must provide ID number.
  • GCC citizens must provide passport number.
  • Visitors must provide passport number and visa number.

Step 4: Necessary documentation

What are the documents required during pre-registration?

  • Travelers will need to provide a copy of their passport, certified vaccination certificate, and PCR negative test result.
  • Travelers who require hotel quarantine must provide a copy of their reservation.

Step 5: COVID-19 information

  • All users must provide the type of Covid-19 vaccine they have received and the date of the last dose.
  • Travelers who have recovered from Covid-19 must provide the date of the last infection.

Step 6: Reviewing application status

  • Travelers can see the status of their application once it has been submitted.
  • This will tell them whether it has been approved or if any other procedures are required.

Procedure for traveling across the border

  • Travelers must present their PCR test results and application approval to border employees.

Source: GCO Qatar


[UPDATE: JULY 15, 2021]

The Ministry of Public Health published additional information regarding the pre-registration on its website:

In order to facilitate entry procedures into the country, the online pre-registration on Ehteraz website ( has now become optional for citizens and residents. However, pre-registration is still mandatory for visitors (12) hours before travel to obtain a travel permit.

The goal of launching the pre-registration platform ( is to make it faster and smoother for travelers arriving at all ports of entry into the country. The new procedures will be as follows:

  • Travelers who have completed the pre-registration and uploaded all required official documents (copy of vaccination certificate, copy of PCR test results, etc.) will be allowed to use the designated fast-track route and proceed directly to the immigration checkpoint without stopping at the Ministry of Public Health’s counters (only for individuals who meet the criteria) - making it easier and faster to get into the country.
  • In case several members of a family have completed the pre-registration (for example: vaccinated parents with unvaccinated children), our team will review the health procedures in advance, which will allow the family to use the designated fast track route to complete entry into the country easily.
  • The online pre-registration will give our team the opportunity to review visitors’ data and process their requests in advance, which will reduce waiting time for travelers when arriving at ports of entry into the country.
  • Once the pre-registration is completed, travelers will be provided with information on the procedures that he/she will have to follow and the checkpoints that he/she will have to stop at upon arrival in Qatar.
  • The data of citizens and residents who have completed the pre-registration on the website will be stored in order to facilitate the process of submitting new applications in the future.

[UPDATE: JULY 14, 2021]

The Ministry of Public Health updated its Travel and Return Policy page with the following:

To ease the precautionary measures for those entering Qatar, pre-electronic registration through Ehteraz platform ( is optional for citizens and residents, While registration and obtaining prior approval remain mandatory for visitors at least (12) hours before travel. The passengers will be required to download all official documents and present the travel permit to the airline employees (in case of travelling through Hamad International Airport) to allow them​ to board the aircraft, or to the immigration employees at the land borders (in the event of traveling through Abu Samra land port).​


    The Ministry of Public Health announced Tuesday evening, 13 July, new changes regarding the travel and return policy to Qatar. The ministry said in a tweet:

    To ease the precautionary measures previously announced for those entering #Qatar, MOPH announced that registration on Ehteraz Platform is now optional for citizens and residents, while registration and obtaining prior approval remains mandatory for visitors.
    Ehteraz website new policy to Qatar
    Source: MoPH Twitter

    The pre-registration was earlier announced to be mandatory for everyone traveling to Qatar.

    Read more here:

    Source: Ministry of Public Health