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Posted On: 29 January 2022 05:14 pm

When can you get booster dose after testing positive during Omicron wave?

ILQ Staff
ILQ Staff
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When can you get booster dose after testing positive for COVID-19 during Omicron wave?

  • The Ministry of Public Health is recommending individuals with a COVID-19 infection confirmed by PCR or rapid antigen test during the Omicron wave to be eligible for a booster vaccination after the completion of three months from the date of that infection.
  • However, it is safe and viable for those who wish, to have their booster dose one month after infection.
  • The one-month period between infection and administration of the booster dose is needed to allow the individual to fully recover from the infection before receiving the vaccine.
  • Individuals who have recovered from COVID-19, and have an official test result from a Ministry-approved medical center, are given nine months validity of immunity and are eligible for the same privileges as vaccinated people under the current COVID-19 rules.
  • Their Recovered Status will be reflected on their Ehteraz app and will remain valid for 9 months based on the current rules.
  • Recovered individuals can show their Ehteraz Recovered Status to relevant authorities to access restriction privileges.
Image credit: Ministry of Public Health

Source: Ministry of Public Health