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Posted On: 3 September 2020 01:00 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 09:12 am

What kind of gatherings are now allowed in Phase 4?

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Phase 4 of the gradual lifting of the COVID-19 restrictions has now started. But what does this mean for gatherings? What is allowed and how many people can gather during the first part of Phase 4? Find out below the precautionary measures for weddings, Religious Complex, mosques, social gatherings, theatres and cinemas, as well as trade-shows, exhibitions, conferences and cultural events.


  • Maximum of 40 people indoors and 80 people outdoors.
  • Tented venues are considered indoor venues.
  • Guests wear masks at all times, except when seated at tables to eat and drink. Masks to be worn when leaving the table.
  • No physical contact (e.g. kissing, hugging, holding hands)
  • No singing or shouting.
  • No live music.
  • No dancing.
  • Food must be plated. No buffet food.
  • Maintain a 2 meters minimum distance between tables.
  • Maximum 5 people per table.
  • Use bottled water. Water fountains or water dispensers are not permitted.
  • Bowls of nuts and chocolates should not be permitted unless in individual servings (sharing is a transmission risk).

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Religious Complex

  • Religious venues only open 20 minutes before scheduled ceremonies /prayers.
  • Religious ceremonies/prayers duration is to be kept to a minimum.
  • The congregation to leave the venue immediately after the ceremonies /prayers.
  • Religious venues to remain closed at all other times.
  • Capacity not to exceed 30%, based on occupancy calculated by 9m2 per person in any venue where religious activities are to be held.
  • Avoid the use of choir or musical ensemble during religious services or other events. Singing is considered a higher risk activity as it could potentially release a larger amount of droplets. Consider alternatives to singing and other live performance components in the worship services.
  • Receptions with food and drinks are not permitted.
  • Modify methods used to receive financial contributions. Consider a stationary collection box or electronic methods of collecting regular financial contributions (shared collection trays or baskets are not permitted).

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Social gatherings

  • A maximum of 15 people indoors and 30 people outdoors.
  • ​​​Any non-resident or visitor to Qatar is prohibited from attending social gatherings until they have completed the quarantine period.​
  • Use an outdoor venue or gather outdoors where possible.
  • Ensure tables are not covered in cloth material and are sanitized between use.​

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  • Reopening of all mosques in the country to perform daily and Friday prayers, provided that precautionary measures are followed.
  • Toilets and ablution facilities remain closed.
  • Friday prayers precautions:
    • ​Doors open 30 minutes before prayers
    • Doors close 10 minutes after prayers
    • Friday prayer sermon is to be limited to 10 minutes

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Theatres and Cinemas

  • Capacity restricted up to 15% in all parts of the venue to allow for physical distancing, with non-adjacent seating (calculated on 9m2 per person)
  • Pre-booked ticket entry only
  • Film times staggered to reduce crowding in reception areas for entry and exit. (scheduling enough time between showings for additional cleaning and disinfection)
  • Members of the same household can sit together with 1.5m distance from everyone else (sideways, front, and back).
  • Sweets pick and mix stands to remain closed
  • Children under the age of 18 years are not permitted inside theatres and cinemas.
  • People over 60 years old and individuals with chronic and complex conditions are advised not to attend cinemas and theatres.​​

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Activities in Parks, Corniche and Beaches

  • Groups of 30 people are allowed for sporting activities at 2m physical distancing.
  • Those not exercising should wear masks all the time and maintain a 1.5m distance.
  • Public toilets to open with thorough cleaning between customers.​

Trade-shows, Exhibitions, Conferences and Cultural Events

  • Phase 4 will start with national events only-residents of Qatar
  • Capacity restricted to 30% of total capacity (maintaining a minimum 1.5 m physical distance in all directions; sideways, up and down and diagonally).
  • Pre-Numbered seating for ease of contact tracing if needed whenever applicable and possible is desirable. Where relevant, members of the same household can sit together, but with the same 1.5m distance from others in all directions.
  • Ensure tickets are electronic and scannable, avoid paper tickets if possible.
  • No spitting, no cheering, no live choir, and no live singing.
  • Shops at venue precincts outside the event building are allowed according to MOPH guidelines for restaurants.
  • No food concessions inside the event building including conference halls, exhibition halls, and stadia are allowed (masks to be worn at all times).
  • No food to be consumed inside the public seating areas, take-away food and drinks only allowed outside seating areas outdoor.
  • Food outlets restricted to take away in disposable packaging.

Check the full list of precautionary measures for trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, and cultural events here.

To remain closed

  • Summer camps
  • Use of sports equipment in public parks
  • Playgrounds and leisure centers
  • Skate parks

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Source: Ministry of Public Health; GCO announcement