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Posted On: 29 November 2020 06:31 pm

MOPH suspends Perfumes and Incense Exhibition for two days due to COVID-19 violations

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Refer to the Ministry’s website as the official source of information: MOPH

The Perfumes and Incense Exhibition at Al Hazm Mall has been suspended for two days by the Ministry of Public Health due to the organizer’s failure to adhere to COVID-19 preventative measures.

The violations include:

• More than the approved number of attendees in the exhibit space;
• Entry and exit to the exhibit space violated COVID-19 preventative measures and social distancing protocols;
• Exhibitors and attendees not following mask requirements.

The Exhibition will only be cleared to resume once the organizer demonstrates compliance with all COVID-19 restrictions.

The Ministry expects future exhibits, and approved gatherings, to adhere to all public health requirements and guidelines – any activities found in violation will be shutdown.

The Ministry also reminds all citizens and residents to adhere to the required preventative measures including wearing masks and observing social distancing.

Source: HMC_Qatar/Twitter