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Posted On: 2 June 2021 08:11 pm
Updated On: 2 June 2021 09:42 pm

MOPH sets maximum price for COVID-19 rapid tests in private health facilities

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In an external circular, the Healthcare Facilities Licensing & Accreditation Department of the Ministry of Public Health announced that:

"As part of the plan of the Ministry of Public Health for more involvement of the Private Healthcare Sector in the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic, it has been decided to allow private healthcare facilities in Qatar to run the following additional tests for Covid-19:

• Covid-19 Rapid Antigen (Ag) Test and,

• Covid-19 Rapid Antibody (Ab) Test, in compliance with, and as described in, the attached protocols.

Please note the following:

• The necessary approvals must be obtained in coordination with HMC laboratories and Healthcare Facilities Licensing & Accreditation Department at the Ministry of Public Health.

The price of the Rapid test should not exceed 50 Qatari Riyals.

• It is the responsibility of the private healthcare facilities to comply with all the requirements that came attached protocols.

Violating this circular exposes the healthcare facility to legal accountability."

rapid test covid-19 price qatar
Image credit: MOPH Qatar

On 29 May 2021, the Ministry of Public Health has updated its COVID-19 testing protocol and approved antibody and antigen tests to be performed in the private healthcare sector.

Source: Ministry of Public Health

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