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Posted On: 15 February 2021 05:46 pm

Education Ministry, MoPH inspecting schools to ensure COVID-19 protocols implemented

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Education ministry, MoPH inspecting schools to ensure COVID-19 protocols implementedr-shutterstock_1808385166

Within the framework of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education's keenness to provide a healthy and safe school environment, in order to preserve the health of children in school along with the educational and administrative staff, the Ministry has intensified its periodic and surprise inspection campaigns of public and private schools, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Safety Department and the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH).

These inspection campaigns have shown that most schools adhere to precautionary measures, while a number of schools have also failed to apply precautionary measures, such as failure to wear masks in the correct way, failure to measure the temperature of students before entering school, failure to adhere to the safe distance between individuals, or the lack of sterilization tools.

Accordingly, these public and private schools were referred to the internal investigation of the Ministry, and then penalties were imposed against a number of these schools depending on the size of their violation of the COVID-19 protocols and precautionary measures. As a result, a number of schools were closed for a temporary period and online learning was implemented after cases of COVID-19 were discovered among some students and teaching staff.

The Ministry referred these public and private schools to internal investigation to find out the cause and source of these infections, and to impose appropriate administrative penalties against them.

On the other hand, the Ministry began urgent cooperation and coordination with the MoPH to complete the stages of vaccination of educational personnel in all Qatari schools, who have the highest priority in vaccination now, and it also called on everyone to receive the vaccination, which is the mainstay in the prevention and protection of this disease, God willing.

And based on the approved protocol of the MoPH, the Ministry calls on the public who will receive the vaccine to continue to adhere to the precautionary measures, especially wearing a mask and applying physical distancing.

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education takes this opportunity to call on all members of society in general, parents, students, and the educational and administrative staff in particular, to fully adhere to the precautionary measures to prevent the spread of this virus.

Source: Ministry of Education and Higher Education