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Posted On: 10 July 2020 10:33 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 09:11 am

COVID-19 test must for travellers from Pakistan: Qatar Airways

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People travelling abroad from Pakistan would now be required to present laboratory-issued coronavirus PCR test results before boarding their flights, Qatar Airways said Friday, as part of the measures it has taken to keep passengers safe and help curb the spread of the viral respiratory disease, according to The News International.

According to a notification, the Qatari airline said the new requirement would come into effect starting 13 July 2020 f:

"To ensure your safety when flying with us from Pakistan, starting 13 July 2020, there will be a new medical requirement to undertake a COVID-19 PCR test before travel."
"You will need to present a negative result of the test issued within less than 72 hours prior to your flight departure. Children below the age of 12 years are exempted from this test if accompanied by family members."

According to Qatar Airways, the coronavirus test requirement was introduced:

"to ensure your journey is hassle-free".

What is a PCR Test?

A Covid-19 PCR test is used to directly detect the presence of an antigen. The test will show if a passenger is/was positive or negative for COVID-19. Passengers travelling from Pakistan are required to present a negative COVID-19 test result issued less than 72 hours prior to their departure.

Where in Pakistan can passengers get the PCR Test done?

Passengers can undergo a PCR test at their own expense at one of the following authorised laboratories in Pakistan (no other laboratory's tests will be valid):

Laboratory name

Contact number


Excel Laboratories

+92 3000506380

[email protected]

Agha Khan Laboratories

+92 349 30051; ext 2130

[email protected]

IDC Laboratories

+92 3438530054

[email protected]

Essa Labs

+92 2136626126

[email protected]

The test certificate is time-bound and the test needs to be done within 72 hours prior to your flight departure.

How much does the PCR Test cost?

The laboratory will provide details on the cost of the PCR test.

What documents are needed to undergo the PCR Test?

The passenger must provide a copy of their passport and a copy of their Qatar Airways booking (PNR/Ticket number). The passenger will also be asked to complete and sign a consent form once they arrive at the laboratory.

What if the passenger receives a positive result before the flight?

The passenger will not be allowed to board the flight and can either reschedule their flight or exchange their ticket for a future travel voucher with 10% additional value. The passenger can also request a full refund of the unutilised value of their ticket upon submission of their PCR test positive report. For further details, please click here.

Once the passenger has the PCR test result, how do they update it on the booking?

The laboratory will directly send the test result to Qatar Airways. The passenger's freely given consent is necessary for the transfer of the test results to facilitate validation efforts by Qatar Airways to ensure ongoing assessments of public health and safety measures are maintained while travelling. It is required to authorise the laboratory to send the PCR test result to Qatar Airways. Qatar Airways advised passengers to:

"sign a consent form authorising the laboratory to directly share the test result with Qatar Airways for authentication".

Does the passenger have to carry their PCR Test report?

Qatar Airways has directed its potential customers to:

"Carry a copy of the test certificate and the laboratory authentication form at the time of travel"

It is mandatory to present the PCR negative test certificate at the time of check-in. In the event that passengers are unable to provide the above-mentioned requirements upon check-in, they will not be accepted for boarding the flight from Pakistan. These requirements apply to both existing and new bookings.

Qatar Airways warned that people would not be allowed to board their flight should they be unable to provide the laboratory results indicating they tested negative for the coronavirus.

Entry Restrictions into Qatar

Under the instructions of the Qatar Government, entry into Qatar is currently only allowed for Qatari nationals, the children and spouses of Qatari citizens, and holders of a permanent residence permit in Qatar.

From 1 August 2020 pre-approved QID resident permit holders will also be able to travel to Qatar. More details will be provided for the pre-approval process when the relevant authorities give more information about the pre-approval process, so please check back here regularly for updates (Discover Qatar).

Passport holders of other nations will not be granted entry, with these preventative measures being reviewed on an ongoing basis. Passengers with onward connections through HIA will be accepted for travel and Qatar Airways’ global network will continue its operation for transit passengers as normal, subject to entry restrictions at their final destination (Qatar Airways).