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Posted On: 7 January 2021 07:00 pm
Updated On: 7 January 2021 07:07 pm

Coronavirus in Qatar -- Week 45 Updates

Vrinda Abilash
Vrinda Abilash
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Did you know that this week saw 0 deaths due to COVID-19 in total and the maximum recoveries in a day were 134 recorded on 1 January 2021, while 197 was the least number of newly infected cases recorded on 3 January 2021? Here are the latest updated weekly trends in terms of recoveries, new cases and deaths related to the current COVID-19 situation.

From 31 December 2020 to 7 January 2021, 542 people were referred to the Public Prosecution for not wearing masks in Qatar. The total figures of people not wearing masks in Qatar as of 7 January 2021, has reached a figure of 4,955 persons.

    Daily cases receiving treatment in Qatar (31 December 2020 - 7 January 2021)

    Daily cases receiving treatment in Qatar (31 December 2020 - 7 January 2021)
    Daily cases receiving treatment in Qatar

    From 213 new confirmed cases reported on 31 December, the numbers decreased to 208 the next day, after which it further decreased to 198 on 2 January, and then again decreased to 197 on 3 January. The next day, 4 January, saw 207 new infections, followed by 208 and 209 on the next two consecutive days, before increasing to 210 on 7 January, towards the end of the week, which is the second-highest number of new cases for the week.

    Daily recoveries in Qatar (31 December 2020 - 7 January 2021)

    Daily recoveries in Qatar (31 December 2020 - 7 January 2021)
    Daily recoveries in Qatar

    From 122 recoveries from the coronavirus (COVID-19) on 31 December, the numbers increased to 134 on 1 January, following which it decreased to 124 and then increased to 128 recoveries for the next two days. The numbers decreased to 117 and then increased to 131 the following two days. The number of recoveries saw a sharp decrease to 126 on 6 January and stood at 132 on the last day of the week on 7 January.

    Daily deaths in Qatar (31 December 2020 - 7 January 2021)

    Daily deaths in Qatar (31 December 2020 - 7 January 2021)
    Daily deaths in Qatar

    This week saw 0 deaths due to COVID-19 in total.

        COVID-19 vaccine updates in Qatar

        Qatar started the vaccination campaign against COVID-19 on December 23. The Ministry of Public Health, Qatar recently released details of the first phase of Qatar’s COVID-19 vaccination campaign:

        • Priority is given to people aged 65 years of age and above, people with severe chronic conditions and healthcare workers with repeated exposure to COVID-19.
        • People who are eligible for the vaccine at this stage will be contacted directly by PHCC by SMS or phone call to arrange their appointment.
        • Soon, eligible community members will be able to call to book an appointment or to do that online.
        • Vaccinations at health centres will only be given to people with pre-arranged appointments.
        • All other community members who do not meet the criteria for the early phase of the campaign are kindly requested to wait until it is their turn.
        • It was also announced that around 70% of the population needs to be vaccinated to make sure that enough people have antibodies and the public can go back to normal without restrictions.

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        What you can do to stay safe

        While the restrictions of coronavirus (COVID-19) are gradually being lifted in Qatar, it is important for everyone to play their role in controlling the virus by following the following precautions:

        • Remain committed to social distancing.
        • Avoid social visits to reduce their risk of contracting the virus.
        • Wear a face mask as recommended when out of the house.
        • Wash hands with soap and water regularly; if not available use a sanitiser.
        • It is important that we continue to protect the elderly and those suffering from chronic diseases and remind their family members to follow strict measures to reduce the chances of infection, including refraining from social visits.
        • Call the toll free 24/7 coronavirus hotline at 16000 for information or if you have COVID-19-like or flu-like symptoms. This is important as the earlier the disease is detected the easier it will be to receive the right treatment and recover from it.​ The four main testing centres are:
          1. Muaither Health Centre
          2. Rawdat Al Khail Health Centre
          3. Um Slal Health Centre
          4. Al Gharafa Health Centre

        The Ministry also recommends that you regularly visit the MoPH website to view the latest information and instructions related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) and for the most up-to-date guidance on how to stay safe.

        When do you think the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak will end in Qatar? Are you following all the SOPs? Do let us know your thoughts in our comments section. Do like and share the article - it keeps us going!