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Posted On: 1 February 2021 10:46 pm

Six people arrested for violating home quarantine conditions

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1 person arrested for home quarantine violation (shutterstock)

The designated authorities arrested on Monday six persons who violated the requirements of the home quarantine, they committed to following, which they are legally accountable for, in accordance with the procedures of the health authorities in the country.

The arrest of the violators came in the implementation of the precautionary measures in force in the country, approved by health authorities represented in the Ministry of Public Health, to curb the spread of the COVID-19.

The violators, who are currently being referred to the designated prosecution, are:

1 - Bassim Sameer Said.

2- Hassan Osama Hussein Abdulaziz.

3- Ahmed Osama Hussein Abdulaziz Al Motawa.

4- Abdullah Thani Bakhit Abdullah Al Sabie.

5- Mohammed Seyafiq bin Nordin Asimi.

6- Nseetor J R.

The designated authorities called on citizens and residents under home quarantine to fully commit to the Ministry of Public Health's condition, to ensure their safety and the safety of others. They added that anyone who violates the quarantine will be subject to article no. 253 of law no. 11 of 2004, provisions of law no. 17 of 1990 on communicable diseases, and law no. 17 of 2002 on protecting society.

Source: Qatar News Agency

Cover image source: Shutterstock