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Posted On: 11 May 2020 12:30 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 09:11 am

A resident was treated for COVID-19 in Qatar, he shared his journey with us - An ILQ exclusive

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Engineer Bashir Ahamed Amin from Bangladesh contracted the coronavirus (COVID) in April here in Doha. This is his story from when he was diagnosed with coronavirus to the medical treatment and recovery process he went through in Qatar. Thank you Eng. Bashir for sharing your story with the ILQ Community

ILQ: What do you do, Bashir?

Bashir: "I moved to Qatar from Bangladesh with my family in 2014 to take a job as a Civil Engineer at Kahramaa."

ILQ: What would you like to share with us?

Bashir: As someone who recently recovered from coronavirus (COVID-19 in Qatar, I want to share my story. I am writing this for those to whom I am sincerely grateful. Above all I am grateful to Allah Almighty.

ILQ: How did you know you contracted coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Bashir: "When coronavirus (COVID-19) was first reported here, I followed the advice of the Government and the Ministry of Public Health. On 15 March 2020, all my office meetings were suspended and I continued to work from home.
"During the first week of April 2020, I started to experience a mild fever. I thought it was just a general fever, so I decided to rest at home. After a few days the fever went away, but soon after I developed a cough. The cough got gradually worse until it was continuous and painful. I even vomitted a couple of times. At this point I went to a doctor who immediately referred me to Hamad General Hospital where I was admitted the same day.
"At Hamad General Hospital, they carried out an x-ray and collected samples for coronavirus (COVID-19) tests. I was also put under isolation by the doctors. The results showed that I had tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19). I was transferred to Hazm Mebaireek General Hospital to start the treatment."

ILQ: What was your treatment experience like with Hamad Medical Corporation?

Bashir: "After more than a week in hospital, my physical condition had gradually improved. This was only possible due to the timely and correct diagnosis, the intensive attention I received from doctors and nurses, and the efficient management of my case by the hospital authorities. While I was in hospital, coronavirus (COVID-19) samples were collected from my two loving children and my beloved wife. To our great relief they all tested negative.
"As my condition continued to improve, further tests were carried out and I was transferred to a quarantine facility in Umm Qarn. After a week in Umm Qarn where I underwent more tests, my condition had greatly improved.
"Finally, on 29 April 2020, the moment arrived when I was released from hospital as a fit and healthy person. I arrived at my home at 2:30 in the morning. It feels like a new birth for me. I am currently doing 14 days of precautionary home quarantine as directed by the Government.
"I want to share with you something I realised during my treatment. Every step of the way, the medical care and service given to me by the people at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) was very efficient and loving. As an expat, never was I made to feel like I was an outsider in this country. I am unable to express in my own words how caring and attentive everyone in the hospital was to my condition. The doctors, nurses, office staff and everyone related were amazing. Never did I feel like I was not receiving the attention I needed as a coronavirus (COVID-19) patient. Once I was moved to Umm Qarn, I was provided with food, clothes, medicine and other daily needs in a timely and smooth manner.
"I had heard rumours and gossip through various news outlets that expat patients with coronavirus (COVID-19) were not being treated humanely in Qatar. As a Bangladeshi citizen, I am so grateful to the medical treatment I received that I cannot express it in any words or writing.
"My wellness and health today are only possible because of the infinite mercy of Allah, His compassion and His kindness. And for the timely and effective treatment and service of HMC. I am thankful to Allah, thankful to those who made ‘dua' (prayers) for my recovery and prayed for me, thankful to those who came to the side of me and my family, and grateful and thankful to those who helped me to get well with the treatment and services in the hospital under the good administration and management of the Qatar Government.
"I am very much thankful and grateful to His Highness The Amir Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani for his great and wise leadership making all possible ways to provide the best treatment to fight against coronavirus (COVID-19). I am thankful to my family members, my wife and my children for their heartfelt good wishes and ‘dua' (prayers).

ILQ: Do you have a message for the people in Qatar?

"Finally, I would like to request that everyone follows the instructions of the Qatari Government to overcome and get rid of coronavirus (COVID-19). And, if for any reason you are suffering from coronavirus (COVID-19), follow the doctor's instructions and stay worry free. Insha’Allah, recovery is inevitable.
"All will be well. Everything is going to be all right."


Qatar has been working hard on the treatment of patients diagnosed with COVID-19. That's why the country has one of the lowest fatality rates in the world.

To help us 'flatten' the curve. Make sure you stay home and stay safe.