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Posted On: 29 March 2021 07:00 pm
Updated On: 12 April 2021 07:58 pm

So, you've been fully COVID-19 vaccinated. What's next?

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If you've been fully vaccinated (two doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine), you may be wondering what happens next. What exactly does it mean to be fully vaccinated? What can you do now, and what can you still not do?

According to Hamad Medical Corporation, it's important to know and understand that both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are approximately 95% effective at preventing symptomatic COVID-19 infection after two doses have been taken. However, maximum protection develops around 10-14 days after the second dose.

So, you've been fully COVID-19 vaccinated. What's next?
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Do you still need to wear a mask and socially distance from others in public if you're fully vaccinated?

So, you've been fully COVID-19 vaccinated. What's next?
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Yes, even if you're fully vaccinated, you still have to follow all the precautionary measures like wearing a mask, maintaining social distance, frequent washing of hands, staying away from big crowds and showing your Ehteraz when asked.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, even if you're fully vaccinated,

  • It will take time to take effect.
  • You may still be an asymptomatic spreader of the COVID-19 virus, and that's why wearing a mask when outdoors is mandatory. If you don't, you "could cause the virus to keep circulating."
  • You’re much less likely to get sick and develop the symptoms of COVID-19 yourself, but you may still spread it "so it’s critical that we protect others while they wait for their turn to receive the vaccine."
  • No vaccine is 100% effective. The same is the case with the COVID-19 vaccine, with 5% of the people who receive the vaccine still becoming sick with COVID-19, but with milder symptoms.
  • There are still a limited number of COVID-19 vaccines in the market, so it will take time to get everyone vaccinated.
  • There are people with compromised auto-immune systems and those that cannot be vaccinated, which may include people with chronic diseases, those with allergies, pregnant and breastfeeding women.

The bottom line is that masks are mandatory when outdoors until a sufficient number of people are not vaccinated, we will not be able to achieve sufficient community immunity. Until we reach that point, even if you're fully vaccinated, there is still a chance that you may pass the virus to other people. (Harvard Health Publishing)

What happens once you're fully COVID-19 vaccinated in Qatar?

1. You can get a COVID-19 vaccine certificate.

So, you've been fully COVID-19 vaccinated. What's next
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There is a web link on the MoPH website from where you can download and/or print your vaccine certificate after completing the 2nd dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The COVID-19 vaccine certificate is also available on the HMC's 'MyHealth Patient Portal'. Seven days after you've received two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, the vaccination certificate will be made available on the MyHealth Patient Portal.

You can also get the vaccine certificate from the Primary Health Care Corporation. It will be available 24 - 48 hours after your second dose.

Please note: Once you've registered on the MyHealth Patient Portal, activation will take approximately 24 hours.

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2. The vaccination details will show on your EHTERAZ app.

So, you've been fully COVID-19 vaccinated. What's next
What the EHTERAZ app looks like when you're fully COVID-19 vaccinated

According to MoPH, 7 days after the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, a gold-coloured frame will appear around the QR code in the EHTERAZ app. There will also be a stamp that says you've been vaccinated. In addition, a “Vaccination” tab will appear at the top of the app and will include the dates when you received the two doses, and the name of the vaccine you received.

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What are the benefits of being fully COVID-19 vaccinated in Qatar?

Disclaimer: Depending on the circumstances and the COVID-19 situation in Qatar, these benefits may change at any time.

1. You can travel almost immediately.

So, you've been fully COVID-19 vaccinated. What's next?
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According to the MoPH, once you've been fully vaccinated, you can travel abroad immediately after you've received the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine as long as your return date to Qatar falls 14 days after the second dose has been received. Fully vaccinated people are exempted from quarantine requirements when travelling back to Qatar.

There are, at least seven places you can travel if you're vaccinated against COVID-19 and Qatar Airways is also offering 40% off on quarantine-free holidays to Greece.

Even if you're fully vaccinated, it's still important to follow preventive measures when visiting other countries as an extra precaution. These include wearing a mask, maintaining social distancing, avoiding crowded places, avoiding touching your face and regular hand washing.

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    2. You are exempted from quarantine requirements.

    So, you've been fully COVID-19 vaccinated. What's next?
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    Once you've been fully vaccinated and travel abroad, when you return to Qatar, you won't have to undergo quarantine. The full quarantine exemption criteria are as follows:

    • 14 days must have passed after receiving the second dose of the vaccine before returning to Qatar and a negative PCR test is required on return to Qatar following travel.
    • The validity of the vaccine to grant quarantine exemption is valid for a period of six months, starting 14 days after the second dose.
    • The exemption does not currently apply to people vaccinated in other countries.

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      3. Children with fully vaccinated parents can home quarantine.

      So, you've been fully COVID-19 vaccinated. What's next?
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      Children (up to 16 years old) will be exempted from hotel quarantine if they are accompanied by a parent who has received both doses of the vaccine in Qatar, and will only be required to home quarantine for 7 days.

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      4. You may be able to meet family and friends (but not right now).

      So, you've been fully COVID-19 vaccinated. What's next
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      Note: Under the present circumstances and with COVID-19 cases on the rise in Qatar, many restrictions have been reimposed, and with effect from 9 April, social gatherings in homes and majlis's have been prohibited until further notice by the Qatari government. A maximum of five people can meet in open spaces, including those that are vaccinated.

      We will inform you once the rules change, but for the time being, please stay safe.


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