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Posted On: 23 March 2021 09:30 am
Updated On: 11 January 2022 01:47 pm

How to book a hotel for quarantine in Qatar

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NOTE: Please check the official MOPH website before you make any travel plans.


As per the Ministry of Public Health website, the travel and return policy has been updated and will come into effect starting Wednesday 6 October 2021 from 2 pm.​

Please read the MOPH travel and return policy in full to understand if you are able to enter the State of Qatar, and if you require a Discover Qatar Quarantine Hotel Package.

Adults who have received a complete vaccine for COVID-19 from the Approved Vaccine list do not need to book a quarantine hotel, unless arriving from one of the Exceptional Red List Countries.

Similarly if you have recovered from COVID-19 in the last 12 months in Qatar, or in a GCC countries and have received at least one recognized vaccine, you will not be required to undertake quarantine, unless arriving from one of the Exceptional Red List Countries.

If you are travelling with children who are not vaccinated then you need to refer to the MOPH travel and return policy to understand if you are exempt from quarantine or are required to undertake a period of home quarantine or hotel quarantine.

If you are an adult and are not fully vaccinated, please refer to the MOPH travel and return policy to determine if you are allowed to enter the State of Qatar, and what your quarantine requirement is mandated as.

Quarantine categories on Discover Qatar (click on the link to book):



MOPH has announced the following updates regarding the COVID-19 travel and return policy, effective midday on Monday, August 2, 2021:

  • ​Updates to the country classification lists.
  • For those coming from the following six East Asian countries (Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka):
    • ​​Those vaccinated/recovering from COVID-19 in the State of Qatar are subject to a two-day hotel quarantine and are allowed to leave the hotel on the second day if the result of the PCR test is negative.
    • The rest of the people are subject to a hotel quarantine for a period of 10 days.


Quarantine categories (click on the link to book):

[UPDATED: 29 JULY 2021]

Starting 12 July, the new travel and return policy announced by MOPH Qatar has become effective.

Full details here: Qatar's new travel policy to take effect from 12 July 2021

"Please do not book a “Welcome Home Quarantine Hotel Package” until you have read the full MOPH policy and you know what type of quarantine you will be required to complete," Discover Qatar reminds the public.

Quarantine categories (click on the link to book):

  • Green country - 5 nights
  • Yellow country - 7 nights
  • Red country - 10 nights
  • Mekaines - 10 nights

CHECK THE COUNTRIES HERE: Qatar's revised green, yellow and red list countries effective 12 July 2021

Do I need to book a quarantine hotel?

  • If you're a fully vaccinated adult (from the Qatar-approved vaccine list), you don't need to book a quarantine hotel.
  • If you've recovered from COVID-19 in the last 12 months in Qatar or in a GCC country and have received at least one recognize vaccine, you don't need to undertake quarantine.
  • If you're traveling with children who are not vaccinated, please refer to the MOPH travel and return policy.
  • If you're not fully vaccinated, please check the MOPH travel and return policy to check if you're allowed entry into Qatar or what is your quarantine requirement.

Please read the MOPH travel and return policy in full to understand if you are able to enter the State of Qatar and if you require a Discover Qatar Quarantine Hotel Package.

What is the approved vaccine list?

Approved vaccines are:

  1. Pfizer / BioNTech (Comirnaty)
  2. Moderna (Spikefax)
  3. straZeneca (Coveshield / Oxford / Vaxepheria)
  4. Jansen / Johnson & Johnson (only one dose)

Conditionally approved vaccines are:

  1. Sinopharm vaccine

Do I need to book a hotel quarantine if I have received a conditionally approved vaccine?

According to Discover Qatar: "Yes, you should book your hotel quarantine package. There is an opportunity to take an additional rapid test on arrival and get an early release from hotel quarantine. Please refer to the MOPH travel and return policy. If the additional test returns a negative result, you will be refunded according to the DQ check-out policy."

Do I need a PCR test prior to arrival?

Yes, a negative PCR test must be obtained within a maximum of 72 hours before arriving in Qatar. The test must be carried out at a center licensed to conduct covid-19 PCR tests by the local Ministry of Health at the country of arrival.

For travelers arriving from red list countries, a PCR test must also be completed on arrival. This will be at the traveler's expense. If test results are positive, the passenger must commit to the health isolation process. PCR tests will be at the traveler's expense (QR 300).

Do I need a PCR test before leaving the hotel quarantine?

If you enter hotel quarantine, you will receive a PCR test on the penultimate day of your hotel quarantine which must have a negative result, allowing you to check-out on your final day. PCR tests will be at the traveler's expense (QR 300).

Do I need to register before arrival?

In order to facilitate entry procedures into the country, the online pre-registration on the Ehteraz website is optional for citizens and residents. However, pre-registration is still mandatory for visitors (12) hours before travel to obtain a travel permit.

The goal of launching the pre-registration platform is to make it faster and smoother for travelers arriving at all ports of entry into the country.

READ MORE: Pre-registration on Ehteraz website before traveling to Qatar now optional for citizens, residents: MOPH

Do I need a Visa to travel to Qatar?

Citizens of over 95 countries are eligible for visa-free entry into the State of Qatar. Allowable lengths of stay vary, and visitors are kindly advised to check with Qatar Tourism for their Visa requirements.

READ MORE: Qatar to resume issuance of tourist, family entry visas from 12 July


Unless you're fully vaccinated for COVID-19 in Qatar or traveling to a COVID-19 Green List country, it's mandatory for you to book a quarantine hotel from the Discover Qatar website before traveling, according to MoPH's COVID-19 Travel and Return Policy. But what is the step-by-step process of booking a quarantine hotel in Qatar and what can you expect during your quarantine stay? Scroll down to learn the details.

READ MORE: Fully vaccinated people are exempt from quarantine requirements for 9 months

DISCLAIMER: The information stated below is subject to change without prior notice depending on government regulations. Please make sure to always double-check with Discover Qatar in partnership with Qatar Airways Holidays before booking your hotel quarantine.


Who can enter Qatar?

  • Qatari nationals
  • Children and spouses of Qatari citizens
  • Permanent resident permit holders
  • Regular resident permit holders with QID (subject to ‘Exceptional Entry Permit’ approval)
  • GCC citizens

Quarantine categories

There are 2 categories of Welcome Home Quarantine Bookings and 1 category for those with Mekaines/Mukaynis on their EEP:

Dedicated quarantine hotels for arrivals from 7 East Asian countries

According to Discover Qatar, these are the hotels to book for quarantine for arrivals from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

Steps for booking quarantine hotel

NOTE: Hotel rooms are limited and subject to high demand. You cannot book directly from the hotel website. You can only book from Qatar Airways Holidays in partnership with Discover Qatar.

  • Check the availability of hotels on the Discover Qatar/Qatar Airways Holidays booking page for your desired flight date.
  • If there are no search results that turned up for that date, try searching for another date. According to Discover Qatar/Qatar Airways Holidays, "Inventory is released every day, twice a day, and we encourage travelers to check regularly online for any changes to availability."
  • Choose from different hotels depending on your budget and preference.
  • Make sure all details are correct.
  • Book your hotel quarantine package.
  • NOTE: A maximum of 2 adults and 1 child, 6 years or under may share a room (Only direct relatives).
  • Book your flight (if coming from a country not on the COVID-19 Green List by air).

If you need to cancel your quarantine booking:

  • It's allowed up to 14 days before the arrival date of your quarantine booking, including full refunds, according to Discover Qatar.
  • All cancellations within 14 days are subject to 100% cancellation charges.*
  • If you confirm your booking within 14 days of arrival it is non-refundable and the dates cannot be amended*. Please, therefore, do not book your quarantine package until you are sure that the details are correct.

*Exceptions to the above according to Discover Qatar:

  • The flight was canceled or changed by the airline.
  • Compassionate grounds, supported by some documentary evidence, such as a positive PCR result preventing travel.
  • Exemption from quarantine granted upon arrival in Qatar.
  • If you have received both doses of vaccination within Qatar and are no longer required to undertake hotel quarantine, you must advise Discover Qatar within 48 hours of arrival.

Coming back to Qatar (Arriving in Qatar) via Air

  • Returning to Qatar: Ensure you have copies of your Exceptional Entry Permit and your Discover Qatar Quarantine Hotel Voucher, as well as your flight documents when you check-in for your flight to Qatar. If you cannot produce these documents, you may not be able to board your flight.
  • Dates for your arrival and your hotel check-in must match.
  • PCR testing before coming to Qatar will depend on your country of origin and airlines. Please check updated information a few days before your flight back to Qatar.
  • When you arrive at HIA, expect thermal screening. You'll also be asked to complete a health assessment form preferably filled prior to arrival into Doha and submitted upon arrival, as well as sign a quarantine commitment agreement, according to HIA.
  • Make sure you have the EHTERAZ app ready. If you don't have it yet, you can use the free WiFi at HIA to download the EHTERAZ app.
    • You can buy local mobile SIM cards at the airport - there are Ooredoo and Vodafone kiosks. According to HIA, Volunteers are also available to help set up passengers with the EHTERAZ App.
    • Your EHTERAZ app status will turn to YELLOW (under quarantine).
  • You'll be transported to your quarantine hotel (one-way transfer).
  • Luggage: For arrivals by air, you're limited to one piece of checked-in luggage and one piece of hand luggage. There are additional charges for excess luggage that can't be accommodated in the transfer vehicle.

Driving into Qatar via Abu Samra land border

  • Travelers arriving through the Abu Samra border crossing from Saudi Arabia must have a negative COVID-19 test certificate issued within the last 72 hours prior to departure for Qatar.
  • Make sure to have your correct Discover Qatar Welcome Home hotel voucher ready. You will not be allowed to cross the Abu Samra land border without it.
  • Download the EHTERAZ application.
  • Complete all border control formalities.
  • Drive directly to your chosen quarantine hotel and park at the dedicated parking area.
  • NOTE: All members of the traveling party will be required to sign a declaration, stating that you will drive directly to your pre-booked quarantine hotel. There will be a dedicated time period allowed before arrival is expected at your hotel.
  • For arrivals via the land border, there's no limit to the number of luggage you can bring to the hotel.

    What to expect during your quarantine stay in an approved hotel

    • Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and evening meals (as a minimum) are included in your hotel booking. All meals will be left outside the door of your room.
    • Laundry: At an additional cost.
    • Bed linen change: Minimum once a week.
    • What can be delivered: Personal items or safely packaged food items in disposable containers.
    • Leaving the room: During your quarantine stay you are not allowed to leave your room.
    • Testing and EHTERAZ status change: At the end of the hotel quarantine, you'll be tested for COVID-19. If negative, your EHTERAZ status will turn to Green after the 7-days of self-funded quarantine.

    Got further questions? Contact Discover Qatar/Qatar Airways Holidays here:

    Extracted from: Discover Qatar in partnership with Qatar Airways Holidays; HIA Qatar