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Posted On: 27 August 2020 09:59 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 09:12 am

Phase 4: more restrictions to be reduced in malls, shopping centers from 1 September

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The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has announced the fourth phase of the gradual lifting of restrictions imposed on malls and shopping centers. Phase 4 will start on 1 September and complete previous decisions taken by Qatar to preserve the safety and health of citizens and residents and to limit the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Ministry has decided to allow the reopening of food courts in malls and commercial complexes, provided that the number of customers does not exceed 30% of the total capacity, as well as the reopening of prayer rooms in these complexes according to the capacity specified by the concerned authorities.

The Ministry has also allowed cinemas to resume their activities in accordance with the specified capacity, procedures and preventive measures, provided that persons under the age of 18 years are not allowed to enter.

The decision also included allowing the use of trial rooms according to specific health requirements, and it allowed children's barbershops to resume their work in accordance with the precautionary measures set for barbershops for adults, to follow the pre-reservation system, and the compulsory wearing of medical masks for the child, his escort and the worker.

The decision specified the controls and conditions for children's barbershops, including not allowing the reception of more than two children in the barbershop, provided that one escort per child is allowed to be inside the shop.

The decision allowed children to enter commercial complexes and shopping malls, including retail stores and restaurants, while adhering to precautionary and preventive measures.

The Ministry confirmed the continuation of the decision to close game halls, amusement parks and skating rinks, and to prevent any artistic, cultural or entertainment activities inside complexes and shopping malls.

The MOCI called on commercial complexes and centers to adhere to the precautionary and preventive measures set by the Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs, including not allowing visitors to enter except after verifying the color of the health status in the Ehteraz app. After checking the app, only those with green status are allowed to enter. People without medical face mask are not allowed and visitors are required to wear them throughout the time they are in the mall.

The decision called for measuring the temperature of visitors at the entrances, and not allowing individuals whose temperature exceeds 38 degrees Celsius to enter the mall, along with providing hand sanitizers in all commercial complex facilities, educating visitors to adhere to a safe distance of at least two meters, not receiving more than 50% of the normal capacity of the commercial complex, banning smoking at the entrances to the mall, and banning visitors or limousine drivers from gathering at the entrances to the mall.

The MOCI obligated the shops operating inside the malls and commercial centers to examine and measure the temperature of the workers in the shop continuously, isolate the employees who show symptoms of infection and inform the concerned authorities to take the necessary precautionary and health measures, and commit to constantly sterilize rooms designated for measuring clothes, handles, chairs and counters.

It also set the maximum number of pieces that a single customer can try per day, provided that the maximum number does not exceed three pieces. The concerned shops have the right to specify a smaller number, while adhering to sterilizing clothes that were measured and not purchased, and items that were returned by customers, and not to display them on shelves and set them aside for a period of not less than 24 hours.

The MOCI called for putting safety distance stickers on store floors, receiving customers according to the store's capacity, provided that it is not less than 9 square meters per person, encouraging customers to pay with bank cards and avoiding the use of paper currencies, and continuous sterilization of all facilities of the commercial store, including administrative offices, warehouses, staff accommodations and means of transportation belonging to the store.

hase 4: more restrictions to be reduced in malls, shopping centers from 1 September
Image credit: MOCI Qatar
hase 4: more restrictions to be reduced in malls, shopping centers from 1 September
Image credit: MOCI Qatar
Phase 4: more restrictions to be reduced in malls, shopping centers from 1 September
Image credit: MOCI Qatar

Phase 4 has been split into two parts

As Qatar moves on to phase four, it is important for the community to continue to follow procedures to ensure that efforts are successful and the nation can fully reopen. Based on Qatar’s public health indicators and the Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection rate in the community, it has been decided to split phase four into two parts. The first phase will commence on 1 September, and the situation will be assessed on an ongoing basis, including the re-imposing and/or lifting of some restrictions based on developments mid-September. The second phase will commence at the beginning of the third week of September.

For more information on part one of Phase 4, check out the following link:

Precautionary measures to take

The Supreme Committee for Crisis Management emphasises that the evaluation of lifting further measures depends on the cooperation of all and the commitment to following precautionary measures:

  • ​Adherence to physical distancing.
  • Avoid close contact with others, crowded places and confined closed spaces where other people congregate.
  • Wearing a face mask.
  • Washing hands regularly. 
  • Most importantly, it is vital that we continue to protect the elderly and those with chronic medical conditions. 
  • When spending time at home with elderly family members or those with chronic diseases, ensure you wash hands regularly, wear a mask and maintain social and physical distancing.
  • Anyone suffering from COVID-19 symptoms should either contact 16000 helpline or go directly to one of the designated health centers to undergo the necessary checks: Muaither, Rawdat Al Khail, Umm Slal, or Al Gharafa Health Centers. This is important as the earlier the disease is detected the easier it will be to receive the right treatment and recover from it. 
  • Visit the MOPH website for regular updates and new information.