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Posted On: 8 June 2020 10:00 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 09:12 am

COVID-19: The gradual lifting of restrictions to begin from June 15 - here’s the full plan

Khadiza Begum
Khadiza Begum
Content Writer
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H.E. Lolwah bint Rashid bin Mohammed Al Khater, Spokesperson of the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management and Dr. Abdullatif Mohamed Al Khal, Chairman of the National Strategic Group on COVID-19 held a press conference tonight to provide the latest developments regarding Qatar's efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The press conference highlights gradually removing the restrictions imposed in Qatar as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Key details are given below:

Lifting restrictions

  • Qatar is one of the countries with the lowest number of deaths from Coronavirus.
  • Time has come to restrictions lifting gradually and it will be done through 4 phases while taking all the necessary precautions.
  • Nine indicators will be measured during the gradual removal of the restriction.
  • Lifting restrictions does not mean a lack of social distance.
  • The lifting of some restrictions is linked to the extent of compliance with precautionary measures.

Four phases

The first phase (from June 15)

  • The first stage of lifting restrictions includes the limited opening of mosques with the need to take precautionary measures.
  • 40% capacity selected private healthcare facilities at specific capacity
  • Emergency services continue
  • Partial opening of shops in malls. Shops with minimum area of 300 m2 will open, not exceeding 30% mall capacity.
  • Restricted parks for outdoor sports.
  • 20% of employees at the workplace with strict health precautions.

The second phase (from July 1)

  • Small scale gatherings will be allowed (≤ 10 people)
  • The opening of mosques will be increased in the second and third phases.
  • Private health clinics will be allowed to open 60% in the second phase.
  • Boat/Yacht rental for families only of ≤ 10.
  • Parks, Corniche and Beaches.
  • All malls open (restricted hours and capacity)
  • Souks & wholesale markets (restricted capacity and hours).
  • Museums and libraries with restricted hours and capacity.
  • Professional trainings of small groups - outdoor only / large open spaces (<10 people).
  • 50% of employees at workplace with strict health precautions

The third phase (from August 1)

  • Medium-scale gatherings will be allowed (≤ 40 people)
  • Limited opening of private training centers during the third phase of the deregulation plan.
  • Opening of mosques to perform Friday prayers in 54 mosques.
  • Low-risk inbound flights for priority passengers like returning residents.
  • Private health clinics will be allowed to open 80% in this phase.
  • Sports training will be permitted in open spaces and large halls for professional sportspersons for no more than 5 people.
  • 50% capacity at Health clubs, Gyms and pools, Beauty and Massage Parlors, Barbershops/Hairdresser.
  • Driving Schools.
  • Playgrounds and skate parks.
  • Nurseries and childcare facilities.
  • All malls open full hours.
  • Souks & wholesale markets (restricted capacity and hours).
  • Restricted restaurants opening with gradual increased capacity.

The fourth phase (from September 1)

  • In the fourth stage, all gatherings such as wedding parties will be allowed.
  • In addition to that, completing the opening of mosques and Friday prayers, and business gatherings such as exhibitions, conferences, recreational gatherings, theatres, and cinemas will be permitted.
  • Private health clinics will be allowed to open 100% in the fourth phase.
  • Boat trips will be allowed for leisure purposes.
  • Opening limited services for public transport such as the metro and buses.
  • New academic year commences.
  • All malls will fully open.
  • Continue gradual opening of restaurants.
  • Museums and libraries fully open to full hours.
  • 100% of employees at the workplace with strict health precautions.
  • 100% capacity at Health clubs, Gyms and pools, Beauty, Massage Parlors, and Barbershops/Hairdresser.

Precautionary measures to be followed

  • Elderly, people with chronic diseases and children are advised not to leave during the first and second stages of the gradual lifting of restrictions.
  • Employers and institutions are obligated to follow precautionary measures to combat the Coronavirus.
  • Workplaces to follow adequate precautions to reopen.
  • If a person travels outside Qatar, he will be quarantined in a hotel upon his return for a period of two weeks on his or her expense.
  • We advise the elderly to avoid praying in mosques during the early stages of lifting restrictions.

Re-imposing restrictions

  • Lifting the restrictions may mean an increase in the number of cases, so each person must monitor themselves.
  • In the event of non-compliance or one of the indicators is negatively affected, it is possible to re-impose restrictions or delay the start of the next phases.

The master plan for the gradual lifting of restrictions (Infographic)



Outdoor & Professional sports, Education and Health

Business and Leisure

For the full government presentation slides on the easing of restrictions we’ve uploaded the file here: Controlled Phased Lifting of COVID-19 Restrictions in Qatar