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Posted On: 25 July 2020 07:00 am
Updated On: 11 February 2021 03:57 pm

Sterilizer - Ultraviolet C Purification

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Air strilizer


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Global fight against Airborne and Droplet viruses K Filter Qatar introduces double technology in disinfection effective SARS -Cov-2 and over 100 + viruses and bacteria. KILLER Virus Sterilizer - Ultraviolet C Purification technology sterilize your indoor air. cleaner and healthier air in every room and office

UV Sterilization is to destroy and change the DNA structure of microorganisms through UV radiation. Bacteria will die immediately or cannot reproduce the offspring, so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization. UV-C light is with bactericidal effect because C wavelength UV light can be easily absorbed by organisms DNA253.7nm wavelength UV light is the best. Our products adopt new generation of UVCPTM (Ultraviolet C Purification technology to sterilize airflow in air duct.

Multiple air purification with activated carbon, UV light and photocatalytic can effectively kill most bacteria & viruses, We use an advance process to integrate photocatalytic material TiO2 into special made Nano honeycomb module.

Kills bacteria and viruses circulating in the air and on surfaces̶ including countertops.

Microscopic pollution is gathered into larger filterable groups for unprecedented removal of minute airborne irritants.


We entrust the national air conditioning equipment quality supervision and Inspection center to check the equipment sterilization rate according to GB21551.3.2010.1hrsterilizationratereachupto96.3%whichismuchhigherthan nationalstandardof50%sterilizationrate.


  • Eliminates Bacteria, harmful gas, Virus, Voc, Odors, Kills mould and spores and kill microscopic particulate,
  • Nomaintenance12month, Self-cleaning, TheTiO2PCOformulationprevents bio-growth in the air and on surfaces.
  • 99% Pathogen Killing rate
  • 99.79% influenza virus removal rate
  • UV Catalyst Sterilization