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Posted On: 1 November 2019 07:00 am
Updated On: 30 December 2020 01:47 pm

Family Visa in Qatar

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Below are the main things that you need to consider before applying for the family visa.

Let me explain one by one;

  • Your Profession: You must be under a professional visa category in Qatar. For example: All type of Engineers (Mechanical, Civil, Computer), Computer Technician (my colleague got spouse RP for this category), Electric Technician (my colleague got spouse RP in this category) and other professional category. Make sure you are not under a labour category visa like ‘just’ TECHNICIAN, Plumber, Painter… etc.
  • Your Salary Package: “Effective from 1st January 2012, there have been some major changes incorporated in Dependent Visa rules by the Passports and Expatriates Division of the Interior Ministry in Qatar. The new rule mandates that a minimum salary of QR10,000 is a must to bring in their families to Qatar. Earlier, the minimum salary requirement was QR7000 per month, which was later raised to QR8000 a month, and is now raised to QR10,000.” – this is old.

But, from the end of 2017 they started taking applications from those who getting salary 7000 or above + Company Accommodation Allowance.

It means if your salary is between 7000 – 9000, you are eligible to apply. But, you must show that your company providing you accommodation allowance or accommodation. And it should be mentioned in your employment contract.

For example: Salary: QR 7,000 + Accommodation Allowance / Accommodation

If your salary is QR 10,000 or more, you may proceed without company accommodation proof. But, you need your rented house paper attested from Baladiya.

  • Tenancy Contract (Proof of living): This also mandatory. There are two types of cases.
  1. If your salary is more than QR 10,000, you can prepare this with your rented house. But, you must attest it from the Qatar municipality (Baladiya Attestation).
  2. b) If your salary is between 7000 – 9000 (less than 10,000), you are eligible to apply. But, you must show that your company providing you accommodation allowance and that allowance must be sufficient for your living (Example: Accommodation Allowance minimum 2000 or more).

In this case you must show 2 proofs:

  1. The accommodation allowance must be mentioned in your employment contract.
  2. You must take baladiya attestation for the rented house.

If your company provided you a living place, then you must request a tenancy contract from your company letter head which states you are living in company provided accommodation and that accommodation space is individually for you. Your name and profession must be in that letter. After this, you must submit to baladiya for attestation as well.

Go to the below URL to know more about tenancy contract attestation.

  • Marriage Certificate: here also there are 2 main cases;
  1. If you have legally registered your marriage from outside (your native place like India, Sri Lanka or any) of Qatar, or you maybe registered from other country (Not from your birth / native place), then you have to attest your original marriage certificate from respective country embassy / consulate in Qatar and after than you must go to Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of Qatar in West Bay, Qatar.

    TrustLink provides all kinds of certificate attestation services in Qatar. Call us at +97466332969 / 70303534 for fast and affordable attestation service in Qatar. Visit here:
  2. If you registered your marriage from Qatar Family Court (Shariah Court), then you have to take a copy of attestation from the court itself. You will get it from the court when you ask with your original marriage paper that you got from court before.


You must prepare a list of mandatory documents before you visit the emigration office.

Important - Family Residential Application can only submit at Gharaffa Emigration Office, Madinat Khalifa.

  • Application Form for Residential Visa (better to be printed from any typing centers)
  • Your ID Copy (2 sides)
  • Your Passport Copy (attach if there is a second or last page which shows your native address)
  • Your Employment Contract copy (all pages)
  • Tenancy Contract (
  • 6 months bank statement: Here you don’t need to take your full account’s 6 months transaction history. The emigration will reject it. Go to your bank, apply for your salary letter (tell your bank that you need salary letter only with your 6 months’ salary credited details). Remember, this may take 3 working days to get. It is a single page showing your credited salaries for the lst 6 months in a minimum 6 lines. Bank will charge you QR 25 for this letter. Bank will prepare this letter with bank letter head.
  • Copy of your Highest Educational Certificate (it may already have attested for your visa)
  • NOC letter from your company (in Arabic)
  1. it must mention your name
  2. nationality
  3. QID
  4. profession
  5. salary
  6. accommodation allowances if applicable
  7. spouse name with passport number
  • spouse passport copy (even if she is already with you under visit visa also you only need her passport copy)


Try to go in the morning… the policeman will verify your papers from the reception and you will get a token number starting from alphabet A___. Processing time after submission is 3 working days.

Once you submitted, you will get a receipt with application number. You may track your visa application from MOI website:

If your application still under process after 5-7 working days or if you see any error message except “Rejected”, go to Gharaffa Emigration office and tell the reception your application is pending. That time you will get a different

One your spouse visa issued, next step is payment. You may do the payment from Metrash Application from your phone with credit card or go to ANY emigration office near to you and pay with ATM card or Credit Card (Emigration will not accept cash)

After the payment, you need to take your spouse for medical at medical commission, Messaimer. You must keep your printed visa copy with you and QR 100/- you need to pay for medical. You need to give your ATM or Credit card with your wife and wait outside.

2-3 days will take to get medical report. You can check here:

If your spouse is fit / healthy, then go to take her blood test from any of the private clinics. This is to show her blood group.

Then, if your spouse is with you under family visit, then change the family visit to RP by paying QR 500/- at any emigration. Go to any emigration office to fingerprints process (mesaimeer emigration is good).

Finally, go to any emigration again (Gharaffa is good) after 2-3 days for fingerprint process, pay QR 500/- for 1-year valid QID. Emigration will ask you, how many years you need (Maximum 5 years). Take the printed ID from Emigration and Enjoy Qatar Family Life!!