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Posted On: 30 April 2020 07:00 am
Updated On: 30 December 2020 01:47 pm

ERP Software for Middle East (Complete ERP Solution)

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Category: Financial services


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ERP HORIZON is an all in one integrated cloud-based ERP software which gives the users flexibility to access the software and monitor the business performance from anywhere. ERP Horizon comes with country specific taxations and can be customized to suit the client’s requirements, to optimize the business performance and daily activities. ERP Horizon Software includes modules like Sales, Purchase, Accounting, Inventory, Assets, Human Resources, Bank, Projects, Production, Rental, Lead Management, Restaurant etc.


Our dynamic dashboard feature will help you to access specific module at one instant and helps the higher management take quick decisions. Comprehensive and simplified dashboard covers all required KPIs


You can maintain and monitor your bank and cash account in Bank Master. You can also manage your un-deposited cheques and un-deposited cash here.


Inventory management refers to the process of ordering, storing, and using a company’s inventory as well as identifying the most effective source of supply for each item in each stocking location. Inventory management includes all activities of planning, forecasting and replenishment. The main purpose of inventory management is minimization differences between customers demand and availability of items


The Customer and Vendor management system built into ERP Horizon is used to manage the base objects of company and contact. A company being an organization and a contact being an individual person. Contacts can either be independent entities like contractors, consultants or freelancers that you directly do business with or can be associated with a company that you’re doing business with.


Sales Management is the process of developing a sales force, coordinating sales operations and implementing sales techniques that allow a business to consistently hit. ERP Horizon Sales Management solution is a comprehensive tool which in addition to automating the sales cycle, draws significant insights about the market, products, and key accounts enabling businesses to carefully craft growth strategies.


Purchasing Management is for the management of purchasing process and related aspects in an organization. ERP Horizon purchase solution is a simple and effective mechanism that helps purchase & finance managers to keep sight of their business spend and increase procurement efficiency by consolidating and automating all stages of the complete process


Using expense you can record the general expenses you incurred in the day to day business. We can create particular expenses and we can monitor our overall expenses in the current month and previous month and also we can fix the budgets for each expense by year wise or month wise


Managing projects of any scale are super simple for organizations using ERP Horizon. The project management module in ERP Horizon enables managers to track all activities related to projects and ensures that they do not exceed the expected timeline. It monitors resource allocation and adjusts the workflow pace for maximum productivity. You can actually track real-time costs as the project moves along, and provides comparisons of future expected expenditures.


The Production module is tailor-made for manufacturing firms and one of the well-designed ERP modules in ERP Horizon. It handles the flow of engineering at all stages and ensures material management, quality control, and expenditures. ERP Horizon tools optimize the production planning process. It ensures that all resources are well utilized and the manufacturing capacity of the organization is functioning in an optimum manner. The power of Production module greatly reduces extra costs associated with manufacturing by enhancing operational efficiency and task flow management.


ERP Horizon job card feature makes managing and profiting from job cards easier. Job costing and control are all built in. It allows you to measure hours booked and hours worked. Stock items can be added at any time during the job. ERP Horizon provide customizable job card management system for any workshop environment with integrated invoicing, e-mail module, statistics and stock balances. This will keep your workforce safe, and healthy to ensure maximum productivity, and efficiency.


Asset Management is a process that company or organization uses to keep track of the equipment and inventory vital to day-to-day operation of their businesses. ERP Horizon provide you the proper management of your organizations asset with our asset management module.


With HR and Payroll solution from ERP Horizon forget about managing numerous employee records and complex payroll operations every month. ERP Horizon’s HR & Payroll module takes care of all human resource-related operations like maintenance of records, monthly salary calculation, Employee loan, Attendance, reimbursement end of service benefit calculations etc.


ERP Horizon rental module is a suite of integrated applications specifically designed to manage your entire rental business and fully integrate the front and back ends of your operation. It harnesses the seamless flow of data to deliver value in the form of extreme business efficiency.


One of the most important modules in ERP Horizon, financial management helps to manage all cash inflows and outflows. It covers all the regular financial and accounting functions such as ledger management, balance sheets, and expenditures. One of the most essential functions of the accounting management modules is to handle taxation and ensure that it is in accordance with current government regulations.


The lead management system in ERP Horizon is an integral part of any CRM software. As leads can come from various sources like website, social media, email marketing, personal contacts etc. and in great numbers, this is a type of software to keep track of every detail concerning leads and managing them effectively. The main purpose working with leads is evidently turning them into your customers.


The restaurant module in ERP horizon helps the restaurant to manage the customer relationship management and restaurant reservation system more effectively and efficiently by computerizing meal ordering, billing and inventory control and restaurant POS.


In order to successfully improve your business growth strategy, it is important to have management reports. This is the one tool that is instrumental for any type of business and is normally generated every month. ERP Horizon provides a wild range of reporting that helps the organization to generate and export various kind of reports.