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Posted On: 18 June 2019 07:00 am
Updated On: 30 December 2020 01:48 pm

Social Worker at Chase Resourcing International

Binu Cherian
Binu Cherian
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Category: Medical, Healthcare and Nursing
Job type: Full-time
Employment Type: Full-time
Skills: English, Operational Efficiency, Inter-personal Communication, Decision Making


Chase Resourcing are delighted to announce we are recruiting Social Worker for our client in Qatar.

Social Workers will ensure to enable Patients and their families maximise their relationships and give them practical help in accessing appropriate community opportunities and resources.

Key Accountabilities of Social Worker

Social Work Services

  • Provide social work assessment, intervention, advocacy with external agencies, social work case coordination and management, and counselling services to Patients and their families who encounter psychosocial concerns. To identify appropriate social and community opportunities and resources to facilitate the recovery journey. And best meet their specific needs of patients and their families, through
  • To be available to families and community members to listen, provide advice and support to help them cope with family members with substance use problems and to assist in accessing company services.
  • Consider any legal issues for patients and refer those required for clarification to the Head Social Worker as the clinical liaison with the Security department
  • Provide direct support for patients and their families, to assist in rebuilding Patient’s family and social relationships and helping restore the patient’s’ social effectiveness in a framework, which respect the Patients cultural background and identity.
  • Document Patient’s needs assessment to develop a service plan with projected goals and intervention planning.
  • As part of the social work assessment, identify any concerns regarding the safety of family members including children and vulnerable adults and to report these concerns to the Head Social Worker
  • To be the primary company point of contact with Families for Patients
  • Implement care plan that follows established policies, procedures and practices, to ensure safe and professional care.
  • Ensure that professional services outlined in care plan are implemented and evaluated on a case-by-case basis to ensure compliance with programme.
  • Coordinate community resources and referrals to facilitate health transitioning, long-term planning, information exchange and expedited discharge planning.
  • Coordinate the needs of patient’s, available resources and their families to facilitate re-integration into the community.
  • Set priorities and establish customised goals of care, to be responsive to the health needs and preferences of the Patient’s, her/his family, their home setting and cultural context.
  • Review, evaluate and adjust the care plan to meet changing goals.
  • Facilitate health transitioning for Patients from clinic to home/community, which includes direct social work and counselling related to changes in lifestyle, relationships, physical functioning, employment and financial concerns, and emotional-psychological functioning.
  • Help develop patient’s’ ability to cope with their new lives after recovery and develop their enthusiasm to achieve their goals that they are looking for, regaining self-esteem and re-engaging meaningfully in society.
  • Advocate as appropriate on behalf of patients and families to obtain services and resources to address unmet care needs.
  • Encourage and support patients and their families to be responsible for promoting, maintaining and enhancing their health and independence.

Treatment Follow-up

  • Provide ongoing follow-up and evaluation to determine efficacy of Patient’s interventions.
  • Provide ongoing support for families of patient’s.


  • Promote effective communication to facilitate information sharing between Patient’s, their Families, MDT members, and outside agencies.
  • Educate patients and their family to develop deep understanding of how service providers, Patient’s and families work together to reach the desired goals.
  • Participate in case conferences to share pertinent information concerning Patient’s concerns and progress, and to utilise team skills and resources to provide the most efficient and effective service delivery.
  • Participate in training and information sessions to expand knowledge in related field and to deliver services of improved quality

Medical Records

  • Write clinical notes and utilise the information recorded in the EMR to deliver clinical activities, improve efficiency and support decision making

Multi-disciplinary Team (MDT) Involvement of Social Worker

  • Participate in the MDT meetings, discussions and activities including the defining of standards of care and care pathways as defined by the clinical/service line requirements to ensure Patient’s centric care from a clinical, wellness and hospitality perspective as well as to support the organisation in providing the Patients with extensive range of professional treatment services.
  • Liaise with patients and their families, MDT, community resources and other centres to gain their support in delivering treatment to patients and ensuring their sustained recovery.
  • Organising and managing packages of support, in consultation with MDT team to enable patients to lead the fullest lives possible.
  • Assist in promoting the understanding of the broader company staff of evidence-based social work practice to enhance the Patient’s experience

Policies, Systems, Processes and Procedures for Social Worker

  • Contribute to the identification of opportunities for continuous improvement of departmental systems, processes and practices considering international leading practices to improve processes, productivity, and clinical and operational efficiency.
  • Implement all relevant departmental policies, processes, procedures and instructions to perform duties in a controlled and consistent manner.


  • Contribute to the preparation of timely and accurate reports (clinical and departmental) to meet requirements, policies and standards of department and the company.

Related Assignments of Social Worker

  • Perform other related duties or assignments as directed.

Job Requirements of Social Worker

  • Bachelor degree in social work from a recognised university or an equivalent combination of social work education and experience
  • Licensed as a registered social worker in Qatar
  • Up-to date CPD in relevant areas
  • Post graduate qualification in a related field is preferred.
  • At least 5 years in health related social work experience, including clinical practice.
  • Multidisciplinary experience in range clinical fields to include mental health and medical services.
  • Previous experience in specialist area of substance related and addictive disorders or mental health conditions.
  • Knowledge of social work standards of practice, ethics and policies
  • Knowledge and ability to implement social work theories, practices and procedures.
  • Knowledge of and the ability to apply psychosocial processes (such as assessment, planning, coordination, facilitation and evaluation).
  • Ability to maintain effective systems for reviewing care plans and services to identify gaps in services and advice managers accordingly
  • Ability to function within the multi-disciplinary team setting and promote teamwork practices
  • Ability to work in a cross-cultural setting
  • Cultural competency for working with Qatari and international families and patient’s
  • Knowledge of the local community and region
  • Advanced skills in one or more psychotherapeutic modalities
  • Demonstrable skills in developing and providing person-centred approaches
  • Excellent use of the English language (must) and Arabic language (must).
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Ability to work well as part of a team.

If you are interested in the position of Social Worker please send a copy of your CV to [email protected]