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Posted On: 26 June 2022 07:30 am
Updated On: 27 June 2022 06:44 pm

Job opening: Hairstylist (Female)

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Category: Hospitality and tourism
Job type: Full-time
Employment Type: Full-time
Skills: Experience, has good command of English


Phone: 31596664

Job Summary - Hairstylist (Female)

  • Responsible for managing the children’s hairstyle and wardrobe on a daily basis
  • Putting together outfits and making wardrobe choices for the children on special events and occasions
  • Managing the girl’s hairstyles before going to school and during special events
  • Organizing the girl’s personal accessories in their individual cupboards
  • Responsible for managing the children’s wardrobes and closets
  • Upkeeping of the children’s individual apparels and wardrobe
  • Ensuring laundry management for the children
  • Other than above mentioned, at free times the candidate has to support housekeeping or laundry team if needed.

Interested can apply on: [email protected]