QTip: What's Eid Al Adha?

QTip: What's Eid Al Adha?


Watch as The Qatari Guy breaks it down... Eid Mubarak everyone!

#QTip: Why do Qataris have more than one phone?

QTips: Why do Qataris have more than one phone?


Click the link to check out our latest QTip and find out why some Qataris carry more than one phone! 

#QTips: Can Qatari Men Marry Non-Qatari Women???

QTips: Can Qatari men marry non-Qatari women?


Well? Haven't you always wanted to know? Click here to watch the Season 4 premiere and having your burning questions answered! 

How Qataris handled the Siege - Teaser

QTips Season 4 teaser: How Qataris handled the siege!


More than two months into the siege that is the GCC crisis, Mr. Q and The Qatari Guy have resorted to desperate measures to keep putting out the awesome QTips content you know and love! Click here for some laughs! 

#QTips Season 3 Finale! - Ricky And Morty Parody

QTips Season 3 Finale -- Rick and Morty Parody!


Check it out and get schwifty as Mr. Q and The Qatari Guy go out with a bang on a very special Season 3 finale of QTips -- Rick and Morty-style!

#Ramadan #QTip: All the things that break your fast in Ramadan

#Ramadan #QTip: All the things that break your fast


Ramadan is much more than just fasting. Sure you know that you shouldn't eat or drink, but did you also know that it's also about intentions? No bad words? No dirty thoughts? No wish bad things for people? 


Yup, you've got to try and be a saint. It's tougher than you think. Stubbed your toe? Don't shout at the table! Someone did something bad to you? Don't hate, kill them with kindness.


Shout out to the fabulous Al Rayyan Hotel! If you haven't visited them, check them out asap! They're connected to Mall of Qatar!


#QTip: What happens if you break your fast by mistake??

#QTip: What happens if you break your fast by mistake??


Special thanks to the BEAUTIFUL AL Rayyan hotel for hosting us. Check them out! They're near Mall of Qatar! Click here!

It's that age old question. You're fasting, but you broke it, but not on purpose! You promise! What does it all mean??

#Ramadan #QTip:  Reasons women should (or could) break their fast

#Ramadan #QTip: Reasons women should (or could) break their fast


In Ramadan, people are supposed to fast, we all know that, but it's also important that you take care of yourself and don't put yourself in harms way. So here's a list of reasons when you can (or must) break your fast.

1- Sick (If you need to take medicine and stay hydrated)

2- Pregnant (To keep up your energy)

3- Menstruation (You're not allowed to fast)

4- Breastfeeding (You have the option to)

But don't forget you'll need to make it up after Ramadan :)


#QTips: All about Henna Night at Weddings

#QTips: All about Henna Night (Arabic Weddings )


It's time to talk about Henna night at wedding events (not to be confused with Hen nights!). Who doesn't love to put on those intricate designs? It's a tradition that was adopted from India and has become part of Gulf Culture. Of course, like most things in most countries, we've localized it. So learn more!

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Super fast #QTip: Can Qataris Date?

#QTips : Can Qataris Date?


We did this super short QTip to encourage questions we need them as we're working on a full episode and want to answer your questions. 

"Dating" as defined in western culture is not allowed nor acceptable religiously and by Arab culture. However, although not acceptable that doesn't stop people from dating.