Weekly Roundup - Week 1 - Oct (Oktoberfest, Movies, Beach Parties, Opera, and wrestling!)

This week on the roundup, we've got everything from wrestling to oscar nominated movies! Hamad's back on his trolling streak which YOU can be a part of by shooting us a comment.

Here's a full list of the events we've included:

http://iloveqatar.net/forum/read.php?... - Oktoberfest

http://iloveqatar.net/forum/read.php?... - Ultra Thursday

http://iloveqatar.net/forum/read.php?... - Qatar Pro Wrestling

http://iloveqatar.net/forum/read.php?... Debbie De Jong & Passant

http://iloveqatar.net/forum/read.php?... - Opera

http://iloveqatar.net/forum/read.php?... - Metro Manila


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