#QTips : Can Qataris Date?

We did this super short QTip to encourage questions we need them as we're working on a full episode and want to answer your questions. 

"Dating" as defined in western culture is not allowed nor acceptable religiously and by Arab culture. However, although not acceptable that doesn't stop people from dating. 

"Dating" is however accepted when a man and women are planning a life together, it is called the "Khutubah" aka the engagement period. This is when both families of the man and woman are accepting of the fact that their children will see each other. In an effort to find love, attraction or even ask all the "real" questions. Their decision is made, either they are fit for each other to start a married life or not.  So ladies, through this process you know that the guy is serious from day one! 


So simply can Qataris date? No. 

Do we do it? Not all of us 


I'm sure this made you think of a lot of questions, ask them below :)




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