#QTips: Arabic names, Tribes, and how they work

What's in a name? That which we call a Hamad by any other name would smell as sweet. I think that's the quote...

We thought you'd like to know a bit about Arabic names. Typically your full name would be 5 long. Your name, your fathers name, your grand fathers name, your great grand fathers name and then the family or tribe name. Typically you'd want to remember someone three names long. So your name, father's name, family / tribe name.

The reason is because when talking to someone, you'd typically be asked, Hamad the son of who? or Aisha the daughter of who? That's how people immediately recognize each other. The Al at the end of the name literally means 'The'. Al Haroon would be 'The Haroon', as in, from The Haroon tribe. Some people also add Bin (or ibn).

So if your name is John Michael Smith. You could arabize it as John Bin Michael Al Smith. Tell us, what would YOUR arabic name be?



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