#QTip: How Qataris Kiss!

Check back EVERY SUNDAY! In this episode of #QTips, we answer an important one about kissing. Let's set this straight first. This is for guys and you wouldn't do this between a male and female. 

It's two kisses on the right cheek and three if you know the person well. If very good friends or if someone comes to respect you then it's a double tap of noses (eskimo style taps). If you are greeting an elder, kiss on the forehead as a sign of respect.

Oh and if there are three people in the room, there's no three-way greeting. One on one only!

Important!! It's two or three on the right cheek for us. Different nationalities tend to switch sides. So to avoid the unintended kiss on the lips, you can hold the persons left arm to ensure the person isn't moving anywhere :)

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