#QTip: The different ways of saying hello (and what they mean)

Check back EVERY SUNDAY! In this episode of #QTips, we share a few of the different ways we say hello, and what they mean. It's interesting to some that something like Shlonik, although it means how are you, literally means "What's your color", as in what color mood are you in. 

When greeting, typically you would ask how someone is doing multiple times even though you've already received the answer.

Some examples (literally translated but all mean how are you)

Shlonik?  What's your color?

Shakhbarik? What's your news?

Shim sawee? What are you doing?

Wainik Ma tibayin? Where are you, I can't see you.

Shi3loomik? What's your science?

3asak ibkhair I hope you're fine

Inshallah zain I hope to God you are good 

Kil shay ok?  Everything ok?

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