#QTip: Arabic Phrases that sound funny in English

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SEASON 2 of QTIPS is back! Thanks for the great feedback you've been giving us! This is intended to be just a fun episode.

Time to share 5 Arabic phrases that don't make sense in English.
It's funny to translate these phrases into English literally. Some words mean multiple things and to someone who doesn't speak English fluently could be translated wrong.
Maybe next time someone annoys you, you can say 'you popped my liver!'.

Do you know any phrases that sound funny in English? Share them below!

Our phrases:
1- Riht milh - Gone Salt
2- Bat Chabdi - He popped my liver
3- Min iyooni - From my eyes
4- Bal3an Shaklik - I curse your form
5- Badfa al hisab - I'll push the calculation
6- Kilmat ras - Head word


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