#QTip: 5 weird Arabic sounds and what they mean

It's time for another lesson. We typically use sounds to express a feeling or to sometimes say something without really saying something. Here are 5 sounds/words that we thought would be useful to know.

YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJzPv4qXIug

1- Affaaa - Typically used to express disappointment

2- Bal! - An expression of shock or excitement - Watch out when you use it though, because it's kind of like the polar opposite of "MashAllah"

3- Aaaaah - It's a mix between a 'no way' and a 'woah!'  

4- Tut - now this one isn't really polite. So don't use this often, but you'll see this being used. It means 'no', but it also is a sound used to express frustration.

5- HaHaay! - This is a sarcastic laugh. Use this when you want to let the other person know that you'd rather laugh at a brick wall. 

Do you have a better explanation of these words? Have more sounds you'd like to see added to the list? Share them with us in the comment section below.



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