A peek inside the new Hamad Port inauguration!

Ten years in the making, the new, state-of–the-art Hamad Port has just opened – ushering in an unprecedented era for trade and self-sufficiency for Qatar. As one of the largest ports in the Middle East it stands to change the landscape of international commerce for the nation due to its sheer size and capacity.

Here are few fun facts about the new Hamad Port:

1. It spans 28.5 square kilometres with state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge equipment.

2. It boasts a 110-metre-high control tower.

3. It has 26 rubber-tired gantry crane. 

4. It’s home to a whopping 80 forklift cranes.

5. Plus, 8 gigantic ship-to-shore cranes able to lift a staggering 80 tonnes.

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