A look back at Qatar's 2017 Summer Cool Campaign!

It doesn't take much to brighten someone's day -- and there's no better way to make someone feel appreciated than by saying 'Thank you!' And this is exactly what Qatar's community of volunteers aimed to do with the 2017 Summer Cool Campaign.

Held on Saturday, September 9, 2017, this year's event gave thanks to around 2,000 of Qatar's workers by distributing water, juice, and sunblock to roadworks and construction sites across 4 delivery zones around Doha. 

Organized by Qatar Volunteers, ILoveQatar.net, and QatarLiving, sponsors included the Shangri-La Hotel, Doha, Wa'hab', King Koil Qatar, Vichy, Drbak Limousine, and Altair IT Solutions.

A huge thanks to everyone who made this year's 2017 Summer Cool Campaign possible! And let's continue to say thanks to those who needs it most and spread the ajeebness all year-round!

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