How Wa’hab is tackling food waste in Qatar while feeding those in need

By Kim Wyatt

In this week’s episode of Mama Baba Ganoush I head to The Royal Riviera Hotel Doha to talk with the team of Wa’hab – a new social enterprise that aims to distribute surplus food to those in need.                                         

All you can eat buffets and brunches, 24-hour food deliveries, and all-day dining make Qatar a food lover’s paradise. But according to ECOMENA, Qatar has the highest rate of food wastage in the region. Food wastage is a major issue in the world today and the statistics are shocking. Did you know that roughly one third of food in the world gets thrown out or wasted? That’s 1.3 billion tonnes of food in landfills throughout the globe.

Formed in 2016, Wah’ab was created by founder Wardha Mamukoya, Shahid Abdusalam, Ramees Muhammed, and myself to collect surplus food from hotels, restaurants, and supermarkets to redistribute to charities and beneficiaries throughout Qatar. Wa’hab has three main aims – to engage the community in the discussion of food wastage, to inform the public about ways in which to reduce food wastage, and to inspire the community to become actively involved in distributing surplus food to hungry people.

The majority of beneficiaries are low-income workers from labour camps – the donated food helps them to save their hard-earned money to send back to their loved ones. Wa’hab also works closely with charities to deliver food to families and homes where essential items such as flour, rice, and cooking oil are much needed.

Wa’hab has a growing network of food and beverage outlets donating surplus food – plus an active volunteer group aptly titled ‘Food Heroes’. If you’re interested in joining a great social project to help others, then please get in touch. Wa’hab welcomes you to join our mission to reduce food wastage in Qatar!


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