In The Glow: Do’s and don’ts for a fashionable Ramadan

By Renata Menegaz

Ramadan Kareem! To enjoy this festive season celebrated in Qatar, and throughout the Muslim world, it’s important to be aware and informed about how to dress properly during this special time.

It’s simple to respect Qatar’s national traditions and established custos, and still stay fashionable – so seize this opportunity to consider our tips:

1. Instead of skinny jeans, wear long or lady-like skirts with voluminous silhouettes. They’re elegant, classic, and fall below knee-length. They also match perfectly with T-shirts.

2.   In this moment in fashion, trousers are hot – and you’ll find various styles in different fabrics on the Market. So grab the one that best fits you, and combine it with a classic white shirt for a look that’s fresh, yet modet at the same time. Doesn’t it sound perfect? My favourites are the cropped trousers that you can find at high-street stores like Zara – and they come in a bunch of colours!


Linen is a good choice of fabric – especially for blouses. It’s light and you avoid transparency. Straight-cut jeans – with no holes –and statement flats will see you through a perfect weekend on-the-go.

4.  Vests are a beautiful and modern way to look appropriate. From work to Eid gatherings, the classic jeans-and-blouse combo gets a versatile upgrade with the addition of this flexible piece.

5.   Go to Souq Waqif and find a chic, gorgeous pashmina scarf to stylishly cover your shoulders.

6.   To go to iftar and sohour, how about a nice kaftan? I’ve seen a great variety of styles on the market, and besides being chic, kaftans are extremely comfortable. Try them with a nice pair of high heels and minimalistic jewellery, and you’ll instantly be ready for an authentic experience. The one we used in this video is from Farah Collection – did you see how gorgeous it is? I love the timeless allure of its nude colour.

7.   If you’ve ever thought of looking for a fashionable abaya, this is the time. I confess, I never thought I’d like to wear one, but since moving to Qatar I’ve seen so many dazzling abayas, like the ones from Modish that we’ve highlighted here in the vídeo. They have a contemporary shape, comfy fabrics, and statement details that every fashionable women should consider buying this season! Plus, their neutral colours mean they go with everything.  

May this month be intensely beautiful for fashion, and especially full of blessings for you and your family. May the spirit of Ramadan stay in our hearts and illuminate our souls from within. 

So, did you find our tips helpful? I hope we’ve provided some inspiration for you this Ramadan! Stay tuned for the next episode of In The Glow and feel free to get in touch with us in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to give us a like and a share – it keeps us going!